Friday, February 28, 2014

Salamander Dreadnoughts WIP 3

A little progress on Deathbot's army...

Since my last posts on the subject, I replaced one Multi-Melta arm with an Autocannon. I also filled off one of the face plates and glued on a plastic one.

In addition to a little painting, I assembled a 4th Tactical Squad and started building a Chaplain on Bike. The Captain and other Tac Squad have been built for a while. Deathbot tried a go at painting them.

Recently, I came across a Typhoon Missile Launcher (TML) while going through my bits. Previously I had given Deathbot 3 Land Speeders, but still had one left over. I thought it would be a cool addition to have the single Land Speeder with TML. So Deathbot scores more plastic crack!

Here is the new Progress Chart. I have decided to also gift Deathbot a box of 5 metal scouts. I don't know if I will convert anything as the set only comes with bolt pistols and CCWs.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tau Objective Markers WIP pt 4

Inspiration struck and I was able to move past a few design hurdles.

An Escape Pod and Ammo Dump
Escape Pod
I created the "nacelles" from square plastic tubing. There is a small piece of card placed behind the tubed to give a flat surface and add a little detailing. I ditched the idea of a proper canopy in favor of a small painted view port and this Tau bit from an eBay lot.

Ammo Dump
Boy, I tell you medicine bottle plastic is tough to work with!! I used my Dremel to cut out the doors and squeezed a pair of washers and a short length of cardboard tubing inside the bottle. This is where the weapons and ammo will mount--As a sort of spindle/turntable. 

A Med Bay/Bacta Tank
Med Bay/Bacta Tank
The only real progress here was choosing different bits. A cut down Ion Cannon will function as the interface/regulator. I plan on converting/painting an injured Tau Fire Warrior and filling the tank with tinted Water Effects.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Large Gothic Church Ruin WIP

Pics of the behemoth ruined church that has been in progress for years!

I think I started this project about 4 years ago. It is comprised of parts from Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City Large Set and Gothic City Ruins 1.

This will be a multi purpose building--Able to be used in WH40K, WHFB, D&D, and Dark Heresy.

At the time, my OCD was strong and I felt the need to make the building fit on a 12" x 24" MDF board. I was also working on various other buildings and ruined buildings that would all fit on a 12" x 12" city grid. 

However, I no longer feel that it is important--Especially if a building will look better mounted on a 10" x 22" board.

I had made some sketches of how I wanted to make a partial roof (over the front third of the building, but couldn't find them.

The building is siting on a pink foam foundation so that I can have a raised altar/platform.

Deathbot is anxious to battle somewhere else besides the hilly grasslands. The wastelands of our last was a nice change of pace, but he is dying to play in city and/or Necromunda terrain.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tau Stealth Suit Team WIP

Couldn't wait to take a pic of this squad...

Just a quick shot of this squad. I still need to add the edge highlighting to all but 2 figures and paint the magnetized options (2 Burst Cannons and 6 Support Systems). All pieces have already been magnetized

Here is the current Progress Chart.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tau Crisis Battlesuit Weak Ankle Fix WIP

I just came up with this easy fix to address Crisis Battle Suit weak ankles.

All of my Crisis Suits are based on one foot, attached to a small rock. This has increased the chances of broken ankle joints. I have frequently had to re-glue and pin ankles.

Currently, my entire army is out on a table so I can address any broken or missing parts/magnets/etc. When I started to repair ankles, this idea hit me.

To start with, I filled down the ball joint between the "calf" and the "heel". Then I took xx" x xx" bass wood sticks cut down to about 1" in length. Next I filled one end to better fit if necessary. Finally I glued the stick in place.

After the glue dried, I cut and filled the top of the stick to match the angle of the leg.

In my experience, the ankle breaks at the ball joint. What this fix does is strengthen the joint by gluing the leg directly to the foot.

I really like the lines this fix creates.

As always feel free to leave questions and comments.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

40k BatRep - Space Marines vs Tau 1500pts

My third 40K Bout with Deathbot!! 

This is another 1500 point battle. Again I am fielding all my Tau. At the time this was everything I had assembled. The Space Marines got a bit of a change up.

Again, we are playing a hybrid of 5e and 6e rules. Essentially, I am building the Army Lists with Army Builder 6e data set and using the 5e BRB. Since this game I have redownloaded the 5e data set in Army Builder, so if I can not get a hold of the 6e rulebooks and codecies, we can play our next game entirely in 5e.

Crisis Suit Shield Drones not pictured

I realize now that I have made a mistake in all three of my last battles versus Deathbot. I have been running a 12-man Fire Warrior team plus 2 Gun Drones all in a Devilfish! Woops!!

My force is identical except I discovered I could afford a Fourth shield Drone:
  • XV8 Commander + Bodyguards (313): Fusion Blaster x3; Missile Pod x3; Plasma Rifle x3; Shield Drone x2
  • XV8 Crisis Team  (230): Shas'vre; Fusion Blaster x3; Missile Pod x3; Plasma Rifle x3; Shield Drone x2
  • Fire Warrior Team (237): Shas'ui; Pulse Rifle x12; Gun Drones x2; Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod
  • Fire Warrior Team (237): Shas'ui; Pulse Rifle x12; Gun Drones x2; Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod
  • Remote Sensor Tower Team (120): TL Markerlight x3
  • Heavy Drone Team (150): TL Burst Cannon x3; Burst Cannon and Markerlight x3
  • Sniper Drone Team (58): Rail Rifle x3; Networked Markerlight
  • Hammerhead (161): TL Smart Missile System; Railgun w/ Solid & Submunitions; Disruption Pod; Seeker Missiles x2
Total Points: 1506

Deathbot wanted a change. He really wanted to play with the IG squad Adeptus-B gave him for Christmas. I also thought he was ready for psychic powers!
  • Terminator Librarian (130): Storm Bolter; Force Axe; Psy 1; xxxxxxx
  • Terminator Squad (170): Sergeant; Storm Bolter x4; Power Fist x4; Power Sword; Hvy Flamer
  • Terminator Squad (170): Sergeant; Storm Bolter x4; Power Fist x4; Power Sword; Hvy Flamer
  • Tactical Squad (205): Sergeant; Bolt Pistol x10; Bolter x7; Chain Sword; Flamer; Hvy Bolter
  • Tactical Squad (205): Sergeant; Bolt Pistol x10; Bolter x7; Chain Sword; Flamer; Hvy Bolter
  • Assault Squad (215): Sergeant; Bolt Pistol x10; Chain Sword x8; Flamer x2
  • Predator (165): TL Lascannon; Lascannon x2.
  • Aegis Defence Line (50):
  • Primarius Psyker (70): Laspistol; Force Weapon; xxxxxx
  • IG Veteran Squad (125): Sergeant; Melta bombs x10; CCW x10; Lasgun x7; Laspistol; Flamer; Plasma Gun
Total Points: 1505

Again I let Deatbot choose and place terrain, although I rotated a couple of pieces for his benefit. The table size was 3.5' x 6' and I really liked the additional width... got to get another battle board made!!

I also let Deathbot choose his side and we rolled up Annihilation and Dawn of War.

Deathbot deployed first with his Terminator Librarian and both Tactical Squads. While I deployed my XV8 Commander + Bodyguards, a Fire Warrior Team in Devilfish, and my Remote Sensor Tower Team.

The only reserves were Deathbot's 2 Terminator squads and his Assault Squad.

On Turn 1, Deathbot was only able to bring on his Predator and IG Sqaud as everything else was in reserves. Both his Tactical Squads were dead enter in his deployment zone, while his Predator and IG Squad moved up his right flank.
I chose not to have reserves this game, so I brought the rest of my force on the board. I split my force in half and advanced them along both flanks, although my right flank was stronger.

I don't recall any casualties.

Deathbot rolled extremely well for reserves on Turn 2 and got the remainder of his force. He chose to not Deep Strike, so walked them on the board. He placed them all on the left side of the board. While we both had the strongest units facing each other, I severely overpowered the opposite side of the board.

I go deep with my Devilfish in order to catch Deathbot's IG in crossfire. Then I jump-shoot-jump my Heavy Gun Drone Team so that my Hammerhead can shoot unobstructed while the Heavy Gun Drone screen the tank on Deathbot's turn.

On Turn 3 Deathbot went for it. He advanced almost everything to my right flank. Only the Assault Marines made it to melee.

I moved a Devilfish deeper into Deathbot's territory and unloaded its occupants. The tank was providing cover from any fire from the dwindling IG Squad. Then I completely forgot to move my Heave Gun Drones back to screen my Hammerhead. The last move was to advance my other Devilfish as close as I could to the nearest Terminator Squad. I was trying to bait Deathbot to attacking my tank and not charging towards my battlesuits.

Big brawl between 5 Assault marines vs
6 XV8 Crisis Suits + 4 Shield Drones

I reduced the Assault Marines to 6 before they got to my Commander and bodyguards. On Deathbot's turn he lost a marine and I took 2 wounds. On my turn I brought another XV8 team to the fray, and by the end of Turn 3 I wiped out the marines. 

Turn 4 opened with a bang! The bait worked and Deathbot attacked my Devilfish a little too well. It exploded taking out the entire Terminator squad!! I lucked out only loosing 5 Fire Warriors and 2 Gun Drones. Deathbot kept advancing towards my right flank and tried to hide his last few IG.

I brough everything I had down on the IG Squad and sent a Fire Warrior Team to outflank the Predator.

At this point Deathbot knew it was over, but he played out the 5th turn anyway.  The only thing he had a chance at was to go after my Sniper Drones hiding in the (almost) middle of the table. He only managed to take out 1 drone. He took an obligatory shot at my Hammerhead (with the typical no effect).

I took what shots I could, taking out some marines here and there. I notice in the pic that my Fire Warriors that outflanked the Predator have taken quite a few losses, but I do not recall from what... likely the Predator.

Game thoughts...

After all is said and done, I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if we are playing a hodgepodge version of 5e and 6e. We are having fun, and that is all that counts! However, I am curious about the new rules and new 'dexes, but just can't afford them right now. I will see if I can borrow a copy from my friends to give 6e a proper try.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Tau Commander Fireblade Showcase

My first complete "unit" in the new paint scheme.

I see now that I did not have enough lighting to make out the innards of the Shield Drones.

After looking at the pictures, I am unsatisfied with a couple of color decisions and will likely come back to this figure at another time.

I am looking forward to completing more units in these colors.

Since taking the pictures, I have repurposed the Shield Drones to another unit. The antenna on these Drones are metal and thicker than the plastic version. I had another unit that I wanted to match antenna styles.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tau Color Scheme Test 2

Another pic that should have been re-shot, but managed to "save" it in Photoshop.

I painted up a test Gun Drone and Pathfinder in my new colors (to match my Fire Warrior). Then I painted a test Stealth Suit and Marker Drone in my stealth/shrouded color scheme.

Indecision struck, and now I am really struggling weather or not to distinguish stealth and shroud with different schemes--ie introduce a third, medium gray scheme. Then I started thinking about including scout in the mix!

I definitely do not want 4 color schemes. But do I want three? And if so, what would teams would be in the middle scheme... Stealth? Scout? Both?

Shrouded teams *WILL* be the dark gray scheme. That will encompass Shadowsun, a team of Stealth Suits and a as yet to be scratch built Remora Drone Fighter Team... only 2 units and an IC.

If I put stealth teams in a medium gray, that would only include Sniper Drones and Vespid Stingwings... only 2 units (I am counting 3 units of Sniper Drones as one). While Kroot have Stealth, they do not have any armor/gear appropriate to be in the color scheme.

The only units with scout I will have are 2 teams of Pathfinders and Darkstrider.

After writing all of this, I think I will separate shrouded (dark gray) and stealth (medium gray).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Change in Tau

A short post and another batch of poor pics... sigh!

I went back and converted my metal Pathfinders with plastic Rail Rifles. These three are originally one half of a trio of Pulse Carbine duplicates.

Then I converted the other 2 figures that came with metal Rail Rifles and gave them the metal Pulse Carbines.

In the end I now have a team of 10 that are unique: A Shas'hi, 3 unmodified Pulse Carbines, 3 Pulse Carbines converted to Rail Rifles, and 3 Rail Rifles converted to Pulse Carbines.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tau Update: Assembly

Just a little construction and priming today...

1) Assembled a Stealth Suit team. To be honest, the Markerlights and 3 Suits were already assembled. As were the converted legs... But it still counts! I should have taken close ups here--Every pair of legs has had at least one leg, at the hip joint, repositioned... albeit a little crudely.

Stay tuned for a Stealthsuit Color Test!

2) Assembled 4 gun drones--Magnetized. A Gun Drone will also be part of the Color Test.

3) Converted 2 Marker drones. To start with I took a Markerlight from the Skyray, the top and bottom parts of a basic Drone, and a Target Lock.

All I did to the Target Lock was trim the back parallel to the front, removing the "swooping backwards" portion.

Next I drilled holes in the Markerlight and Target Lock to fit the posts on the bottom of the Drone, affixed the antennae, then magnetized to a flight stand.

4) Primed 10 Pathfinders and 2 Gun Drones.

5) Primed 12 Fire Warriors and 2 Gun Drones.

5) Assembled Cadre Fireblade.

6) Assembled Darkstrider.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Scum mk 2 (part 2)

I probably should have retaken these pics...

Made some progress on the Scum mk 2 figure by blocking out the base color. Unfortunately these pics are making my work look very sloppy. 

This figure is for LordGrimskull's character and he really liked the colors I used on the mk 1 figure. So I am sticking to that color scheme.

The biggest change is the cape. I swapped out the old Mordheim cloak for a Chaos Warrior cloak. I used my Dremel tool to scrape out the attached torso on the inside of the cape.

I am hoping to have the figure completed by our next game (in 1 week). Although am scheduling this post a 2 weeks out so I will likely be done by the time this is published.

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