Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tau Objective Markers WIP pt 4

Inspiration struck and I was able to move past a few design hurdles.

An Escape Pod and Ammo Dump
Escape Pod
I created the "nacelles" from square plastic tubing. There is a small piece of card placed behind the tubed to give a flat surface and add a little detailing. I ditched the idea of a proper canopy in favor of a small painted view port and this Tau bit from an eBay lot.

Ammo Dump
Boy, I tell you medicine bottle plastic is tough to work with!! I used my Dremel to cut out the doors and squeezed a pair of washers and a short length of cardboard tubing inside the bottle. This is where the weapons and ammo will mount--As a sort of spindle/turntable. 

A Med Bay/Bacta Tank
Med Bay/Bacta Tank
The only real progress here was choosing different bits. A cut down Ion Cannon will function as the interface/regulator. I plan on converting/painting an injured Tau Fire Warrior and filling the tank with tinted Water Effects.

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