Monday, October 16, 2017

Dark Heresy Vehicles WIP

Today we have a short photo bomb of some quick and dirty vehicles for our Dark Heresy campaign.

This is a Rogue Trader era Space Marine bike. I lost the original handlebars so an Ork Mek was gracious enough to loan a pair, but I chose to make one out of an old IG tank smoke launcher. There are a set of metal and resin stowage from my bitz box added to the back of the bike.

A trio of Rogue Trader era Space Marine jet bikes. No modifications to the figures, but I did make the bike bases.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Greenhaven Packers Showcase

This team was originally purchased and painted in the late 80s. Back then, all of my teams were named and painted like the famous teams in the fluff. This team was no exception--The Greenfield Grasshuggers. However, I now prefer to name my teams after NFL teams in homage to second edition Blood Bowl.

In this go around, in addition to renaming the team and creating a team logo, I touched up the paint, added back number plates, added glossy elements, re-did the bases, and painted a colored ring around the base lip. There are no Star Players represented here. All of my Star Players are painted differently than team colors.

New Team Logo

Since I was not planning on re-painting the team in its entirety, I was limited on which NFL team to base the halflings on. I knew immediately I would base this team off of the Green Bay Packers. Instead of searching the Warhammer Old World map for an appropriate halfling city (are there any? :) ). I eventually chose a suitably sounding halfling community name--Greenhaven.

Coaching Staff
The Coaching Staff from L to R: Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Apothecary, and Cheerleaders x4.


Big Guys

Full Team (front view)

Front Team (back view)
This is the final second edition team that has not been wholly repainted.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blood Bowl Progress Chart

Charts! My favorite thing after tables. Well, these probably aren't actually my 2 favorite things, but I am quite fond of charts and tables. This progress chart is based of the progress chart invented by Admiral Drax, patent pending

This chart represents the status of every model in my Blood Bowl collection. I have made some progress in the last few months since my last update. Four teams painted, a new team converted, a handful of Star Players painted, and a fifth team painted to tabletop standard.

I finally renamed my last three famous teams in the Blood Bowl fluff. The Reikland Reavers, Darkside Cowboys, and Orcland Raiders became the Helmgart Broncos, Dargoth Cowboys, and Mount Gunbad Raiders respectively. Team logs have been added. I have also added a status indicator for each team (see below).

There are 4 main sections to this chart. The first one on the top is a list of future teams names (and colors), and their 'real' world inspiration. The next one on the bottom left shows my Star Player  uniform colors. The bottom middle section indicates the color of ring I paint on the base lip of the models. Finally, the bottom right section is a legend for the previous chart.