Sunday, November 12, 2017

28mm Modern/Sci-Fi Medium Duty Truck Conversion

This is a conversion Adeptus-B made a number of years ago for a Dark Heresy encounter.

It is primarily made from the back half of an Ork War Trakk and the cab of an Imperial Guard Sentinel.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Generic Aliens for Dark Heresy

I few years ago, I found these 'aliens' at Blizzard's website for $4. They are Zerglings from Star Craft. There were 9 of them in the pack as well as 9 Terran Marines. Not yet sure what I will do with the marines--But I have some ideas. The marines are quite large, about the height of a T'au Crisis Battlesuit, but bulkier.

The aliens came in three positions.

After trimming down the molded base, I glued them to oval 75x45mm MDF bases.

These were easy to paint up. After a base coat, I simply added 3 quick layers of dry-brushing.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Thrud the Barbarian WIP

For some gawd-awful heretical reason, I based Thrud on a non-GW, non-40mm base. All my big guys go on 40mm, but he seemed a bit too narrow.

Here is Thrud between 3e Blood Bowl's Mighty Zug and Mor'n'Thorg. It seems 32mm is a better fit, but my OCD says NO!

Fixed. 40mm base with the perfect casualty. Did I ever mention I hate elves? He is magnetized like all my other Blood Bowl miniatures for ball carrying.