Friday, September 22, 2017

Xenos Jungle Terrain WIP [Draft]

New Orcleans Saints Showcase [DRAFT]

Parravon City Chiefs Showcase [DRAFT]

Dargoth Cowboys Showcase [Draft]

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 7 AAR

Final regular season game! As I mentioned in my previous post, I played my round 7 and 8 games out of order. So I played this game, my round 7 game, during week 8.

This is another post that I am writing about 2 weeks from playing the game. Strangely, I remember less of this game than that last game which was played 2 days prior. It could be that this game went into overtime. Oops! Spoilers!

Zorcon's Premiership League Game 8
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks vs Garblat Greenskins (Orcs)

Advancing the ball very early First Half.

In this game I gave up 200k in inducements. My opponent kicked in another 70k to buy the Troll Star Player Ripper Bolgrot, giving the Greenskins a strength advantage.

The Orcs kick-off and we had another game with nice weather. This was a grind fest! I managed to slug that ball up for a TD on turn 8, but it cost me. A Hobgoblin died, and a Journeyman was Seriously Injured.

I kick-off in the second half. I'm down 3 players, and struggle holding the Greenskins at bay. The Orcs get in scoring range and stall. They have the numbers and the strength. I keep trying to put pressure on the ball and force my opponent to score but I don't have enough players able to get in range. Finally the Garblat Greenskins tie up the game on turn 16.

Both the orcs and myself would win a play-off spot with a win, so we agreed to play overtime. Although, I was pretty sure I was going to loose at this point--My dice had gone stone cold, my opponent was rolling really well, and most importantly I would only be able to field 6 players. But if the situation was reversed, I would have been miffed if my opponent bagged out on OT, so I agreed to play another half.

I won the flip and chose to receive the ball. I set up with everyone on one side. My opponent tried to take advantage with a kick to the opposite side of the pitch, but I got a favorable bounce and pushed the ball up to my front line and formed the bast cage I could. It only took 2 tuns for the Greenskins to get the ball away from me and he stalled the rest of the game.

The Zharr'Thrak Seahawks at the end of the season.

I loose in overtime 1-2. I took a beating as well with 1 death and 2 serious injuries.

Final Thoughts
What an epic season! Even though I didn't make the play-offs, I had a blast. However, in hindsight I would have been more frugal re-drafting my team and started this season with a lower TV--I gave up way too much inducements.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 8 AAR

Getting to the final stretch of the season. There are two games left in the season, and I only need to win 1 to cinch a seat in the play-offs. I played my round 8 and round 7 game out of order. So this is my 7th league game, but my scheduled round 8 game.

I am also quite late in writing this post--We played this game 2 weeks ago. So my recollection is pretty sketchy at this point.

Zorcon's Premiership League Game 7
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks vs Tails of Yore (Lizardman)

Game pic unavailable
I gave up 220k of inducement in this game and my opponent kicked in 30k from his treasury in order to purchase the Suarus Star Player, Sibli. This gives my opponent a very tough front line--A ST 5 and *seven* ST 4 players!

I won the kick off and we had nice weather. On turn 1 I KO'd my opponent's Kroxagor. I was feeling pretty good. But my luck changes and I got stuck in a brutal mash pit just past the line of scrimmage. One of my Bull Centaurs got Badly Hurt and I lost control of the ball. A Skink took off down the sideline almost getting a TD. But I had one player in range for a Dodge and 2 GFI Blitz and got the little bastard. The ball scattered off the pitch and it landed in a favorable spot. I knew I couldn't survive a running cage this late in the game and so far back on my side of the pitch. So I attempted to knock down as many players as I could before grabbing the ball for a Hand-off. I had a very lucky turn and pulled off my plan. I recovered the ball, was a good amount passed the line of scrimmage, the most of the Tails of Yore were either down or covered. Before I scored on my Turn 8, I managed to put 4 more lizards in the KO box. The bad news is this my opponent still had his Turn 8 and this gave the lizards 2 opportunities to recover KO'd players.

By the time I set up to Kick-Off in the second half, all the Lizardmen were back on the pitch and I was down 2 players. The second half did not go well. By turn 4, 2 or my Chaos Dwarves were injured, and 2 hobgoblins were KO'd. The Tails of Yore had complete control over the game. But the bade a crucial mistake. My opponent decided to stall instead of quickly score. The game dragged on for about another hour, and the Lizards finally scored on his Turn 16, giving me 1 round to try and bash heads.

Final score 1-1. I got more than I gave and lost the Casualty game as well 3-2. A Chaos Dwarf with a Niggling Injury got a -1 AG (the Niggle didn't matter in this case as my opponent rolled a 12). But I got an end of game surprise when a different Chaos Dwarf leveled and got a +1 ST!

Final Thoughts
That second half was brutal and I couldn't do anything about it. I'm glad the game didn't end in a loss, but as far as the league standings, it doesn't matter if it was a loss or a tie. I'm down to 10 players going to my final game vs Orcs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

D&D 5e PCs Showcase

I am in a 5e D&D campaign that my buddy Lord Grimskull is running.

My character is a Human (1/4 Orc) Ranger who has been on his own for a long time. Influenced by the sci-fi game I am also in, I wanted to replicate having different ranged weapons for different situation.

So my character has a short bow for melee, and a heavy cross bow for sniping.

The finished piece. I started using a horn for warnings and long range communication in game after I started painting, but I still managed to add a bit last minute.

One of the other players is playing a Half-Elf Paladin. He bought the figure and I offered to convert and paint it for him. He wanted a head swap and here is the picture I sent him of possible options.

Here is the finished model. You can see the new head fits perfectly.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

D&D 3.5e PCs WIP

Awhile back, I started running my wife and son through a D&D 3.5 campaign. We are starting with The Sunless Citadel and if they want to keep going, we will continue with the rest of that series.

They decided to play twins, brother and sister--One is a fighter, ad the other a cleric. To emphasize being twins, I chose to build the base figures identically. The axe was custom built for my son's character, from plasticard, plastic tubing, and 2 orc axe heads.

Base colors down, nearing completion.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cryx Army WIP Photo Bomb 2

Part 2 of a Cryx download of images. All magic weapons and models with Ghostly are painted in the same green hues.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Aesling Vikings WIP

A female Norse Blood Bowl team from Shadowforge's Gridiron line. This is my only Blood Bowl team comprised of non-GW models.

Bog standard line-women.

The only GW figure on the team is a Thrower. The other Thrower, the Catchers, and the Berserkers are an modified Shadowforge Norse-women. The 2 Ulfwerenar are Berserkers/Blitzers with heads from a HeroClix X-Men Wolvesbane. The Yhetee is a HeroClix Alpha Flight Sasquatch.

Here is a first draft of the team logo.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cryx Army WIP Photo Bomb 1

Besides a recent post about Objective Markers, I haven't posted anything for my Cryx army in about 3 years. So I am just going to photo bomb my progress to date.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Eastern Steppes Bears WIP

I've been working here and there on a new Blood Bowl Chaos Renegade team. They are reminiscent of the old 2e Chaos All-Stars. I had an All Star team back in the day, but around 4th edition a mixed race chaos team was phased out of the rules. So some of the figures from my old team got folded into new teams.

To start with, I have 6 Marauders comprised of AoS Chaos Marauders with Chaos Knight shoulder pads and various human and chaos heads.

I also have 6 Marauders with Mutations built with the basic bitz as above. The mutations are taken from a variety of sources (from L to R): Claw/Prehensile/Tail, Tentacle, Disturbing Presence, Very Long Legs, Claw, Horrible Appearance.

The remnants of the old Chaos All-Stars in their original paint. The Goblin was picked up in a trade from the Lowdown Rats, and there is an Orc coming from the Bitz'box league. The new team will be painted in a different set of colors (Dark blue, Orange, and Grey) as this current color scheme is now being used for all the evil/chaos Star Players..

The original coaching staff have stuck around as well. All that is left is to dig up a couple of Assistant Coaches and a Cheerleader.

A first draft of the team logo. This will likely change, but this is a good representation of the team's new colors.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

20mm Gladiators

I had the itch to try out some gladiator combat. After some research, I acquired 2 Hour Wargames Swordplay combat system. Then instead of just throwing some models on the table and giving the game system a go, I split a box of PEG-7100 1/72 (20mm) scale Gladiators with a friend. We got the box of 30+ figures for around $10 including S&H.

I based the figures on 20mm MDF bases.

Then I grouped them into 4 teams of 7 Gladiators plus 2 leaders. Each team received a woman, a small person, and a trident or spear. I incorporated as many head and arm swaps as I could in order to create more divers poses.

The plastic was very soft and the tridents and spears were terribly squiggly.

A trident modification using florist's wire and the original trident head.

A spear modification using florist's wire and crimping the tip into a spear head.

The purple team. I painted each of the 4 teams a different color: Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange. The 2 leaders were each painted in 2 colors (Blue/Purple and Red/Orange). This allowed us to play a 4-way game and a larger 1-on-1 game.

All of the Gladiators just after getting a cote of matte spray varnish.

The two teams of gladiators finished.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dark Heresy Servitor Weapon Upgrades

Originally, I built a missile launcher and heavy bolter for these two servitors. You can see them in this post. Since then, I removed the weapons, added a magnet in the shoulder, and made the 2 new weapons below.

These weapons are now accurate to the current loadout for my Dark Heresy campaign.

I made the Heavy Stubber from an Ork heavy weapon and a Necromunda plastic Autogun. The grenade launcher was made from 2 different weapon halves from Wargames Factory Shock Trooper kit.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 6 AAR

Unfortunately, due to a number of drop in the Super league, the league has ended at 6 games and the play-offs with the top 4 teams begins next week. So Deathbot's New Orclean Saints and my Paravon City Chiefs seasons have ended.

Zorcon's Spike! Tournament Practice Game
Orcs vs Dwarves

The Dwarves about to score (The ball carrier and screen are
off camera bottom left corner.

One of the Premiership coaches is going up to Canada to compete in the Spike! tournament. I would love to go to this as well, but it is not in the cards this year. The Dwarf coach was looking for a practice game, so I thought the next best thing to going to Spike! would be to play a practice game.

I used the team I painted up for Deathbot and built a 1.2 million TV team. The bonus skill have a unique point buy system based on the tier of the team.

It was pouring rain the entire game--As was orc armor! To be fair, I did cause my fair share of damage, however towards the end of the first half, there were 8 Dwarves vs 6 Orc players. But when it comes down to it, I was simply out played.

My offence couldn't get through his defense and I was unable to stop his runners. Dwarves win 2-0. We both cased 4 Casualties each.

Zorcon's Super League Friendly Game
Paravon City Chiefs vs The Dirty Rat Bastards (Skaven)

Setting up for the second half

My scheduled opponent dropped earlier in the day, so I was scheduled to play the Skaven instead. Unfortunately another player dropped later in the day, causing the commissioners to end the league early.

This would have been my opponents game 7, so we decided to make this a friendly game in order for the Skaven team not to be a game ahead of the other top 3 teams. Of note, if we had played a league game as originally planned, winning this match would have put me in 4th place. But since I won the Super league last season, I wasn't supposed to be a contender this season--Another reason to make this a friendly game.

Because this was a friendly game, we used Special Play cards. We both drew 2 cards, but only played one to little effect.

Boy, I have a weakness! MA 8+ players are my kryptonite. The rats ran around my defense and through my offence at will. To quote my opponent:

"This was a close game filled with excess Skaven bullshittery.  Handoffs in tacklezones, multiple dodges, the Skaven gutter runners did things they really shouldn't have. Unfortunately, the Skaven lineman with the magic gauntlets was unable to hypnotize any vampires, although several attempts were made."

In the end, I prevented an embarrassing loss. The Dirty Rat Bastards win 3-2. No casualties caused the entire game.

Zorcon's Premiership League Game 6
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks vs Calamitous Intent (Nurgle)

Right after a Riot during the first Kick-Off of the second half
(the ball is in the shadow in the Endzone)

Going into this game I was a more than a little concerned. Four ST4, a ST5, and 470k in inducements. But to my surprise, my opponent did not buy Morg'n'Thorg. Instead he bought 2 Pestigor Mercenaries with Block, an Igor, and a Re-Roll.

I received the Kick-Off to open the game. I spent 6 turns trying to get through the Calamitous Intent defense. On turn 7 I finally broke free, but misjudged the distance and did not push forward with 2 GFI to put me in range to score on turn 8. First half ends 0-0.

I kick deep opening the second half, and the ball bounces into the Endzone. We get a Riot on the Kick-Off table and things go horribly wrong for Nurgle--& of 11 players are stunned! Then the ball bounced one square left, still in the Endzone. Then things get worse for the rotting team. The first action taken was to go pick up the ball, which failed after a re-roll. The ball bounced off the pitch and the crown threw it to the right side of the pitch and all the way off again. The ball was thrown in again onto my side of the pitch nestled between my Minotaur and a Bull Centaur (see pic above).

Things get even worse for the Nurgle team. On my turn 1, I pick up the ball and start a slow march up field. There was a momentary reprise for Calamitous Intent after sacking the ball carrier, causing a -1AG Serious Injury. However, I recovered the ball on my next urn and dismantled my opponent over the rest of the half.

Game ends in my favor, 1-0. The startling stat is the casualties, 7-1 my favor! Of those 7, 4 were Kills! Although all 4 were Regenerated. In the aftermath, 2 Chaos Dwarves leveled--A Guard picked up Mighty Blow, and a Claw/Mighty Blow picked up Dauntless. All this goodness came at a cost. My Sure Hands/Kick suffered a -1AG. Even though I find Kick to be a must have skill, I cant keep an 80k Hobgoblin that can't pick-up or pass the ball.

Final Thoughts

Its unfortunate that the Super League ended 2 games early. Deathbot was having a blast. Next season will likely start in about 4 months. We will use that time to improve Deathbot's skill in Blood Bowl.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 5 AAR

Another round of Blood Bowl games in the books. This time no Friendlies were played.

Zorcon's Super League Game 5
Paravon City Chiefs vs Royal Oak Boomsticks (Orcs)

Still recovering from the beating I took last time, I brought 2 Journeymen into this game. The game was a well balanced match, and neither of us has excessively good or bad rolls. Both teams completed a pass, as well as scored in the first half.

Game ended in a 1-1 tie, both in points and casualties. Another Thrall dies--A Journeyman. Two of my Vampires leveled and I gave them Frenzy.

Deathbot's Super League Game 5
New Orcleans Saints vs Mad Dogs of Middenheim (Human)

I made an unfortunate mistake helping Deathbot set-up. When pulling the figures out of the case, I pulled out one too many Black orc Blitzers (BoBs). So Deathbot played 3/4 of the game with 4 BoBs  instead of 3.

When the mistake was discovered, the commissioner and the 2 coaches came to an agreeable decision. The extra BoB was removed from the game, a casualty cased by said BoB was undone, and the game continued with Deathbot having 1 less player on the pitch. There is no way to tell what impact that had on the game.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie and was logged as official. No casualties on either side. Deathbot continued his success steak of throwing-Goblin TDs--Infact his Goblin is his most experienced player!

Zorcon's Premiership League Game 5
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks vs Dungeon Degenerates (Chaos Renegade)

Game image not available. Example of pitch we played on.

Before the game, I dropped a whopping 260,000 TV--I fired two Hobgoblins (1 with Dodge), an Assistant Coach, and 2 Re-Rolls. The Seahawks had the highest TV of the league, 400,000+ vs most other teams. Even after dropping that much TV, I still gave up 400k to the Degenerates. The Renegade coach purchased a Re-Roll and a Halfling Master Chef.

The dice were in my favor this game. Many players were knocked down and many armor rolls were passed. After putting the Troll in the KO box for a good portion of the game and Badly Hurting the Minotaur, and the Ogre failing many Boneheads, there wasn't much the Chaos Renegade coach could do to stop me.

With Nuffle's help, I pulled out a much needed win. Final score was 2-1. Casualties were also in my favor at 4-1. The Seahawks are currently in second place in their conference, 6th overall. However I am a game ahead of much of the league.

After this game I am sitting on 200k in my treasury. I never thought I would banking so much cash, but with most of the coaches bringing new teams this season, I am fighting TV bloat like I never had before.

Final Thoughts

This season, in 7 games, "Ironfist" the Trollcrusher, a Chaos Dwarf with Claw and Mighty Blow, has out performed last season's Casualty MVP, the Minotaur Djun'Jar Jaggedhorns--4 Casualties to 1. Last season, in 10 games, Djun'Jar beat Trollcrusher 7 to 4.

One final interesting stat. To date, I have played 44 games of Blood Bowl since joining the ORDO league on Feb 9 earlier this year. That's an average of 1.7 games a week!