Friday, June 30, 2017

Zharr'Thrak Seahawks Showcase

The OBBL 2017 Super League Season 1 Champions, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks. 

Every figure on this team except 2 has been converted from WHFB and WH40K models.

Except for the hobgoblins, I have added number plates to the back of all the players.

The Hobgoblins are converted from 2e WH40K Orc bodies with lightly modified Night Goblin heads.

Four of he Chaos Dwarves are converted from WHFB Chaos Dwarves. The other two are 3e Blood Bowl minis.

The claw is a cut-down Genesteeler claw magnetized to the outside of the Chaos Dwarf's gauntlet. It is a really simple add-on conversion. Since the models are uni-body, I decided it was too dificult to magnetize the entire arm.

The Big Guys. All three have been lightly converted from 90's era WHFB figures. Besides cuttong off weapons and adding number plates to the backs, I added shoulder pads to the Minotaur in the form of berral halves.

A close up of the team's most valuable player, Djun'Jar Jaggedhorns. He was the team's leading leg breaker with 7 casualties in 9 games. I added the blood and gore mid-season to reflect his viciousness.

The team's staff (from left to right): Cheerleader, Apothecary, Cheerleader, Assistant Coach, Coach, Assistant Coach. All of these miniatures were converted from 90s era WHFB models--Mostly command and artillery pieces.

Lastly, the team's logo.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 1 AAR

Season 2 of the 2017 Ordo Bowl has started! My Super League Championship team, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks has moved up to the Premiership League. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to play the Premiership League Champion at the end of last season. Nevertheless, I am stoked to play! Another bit of exciting news, my son Deathbot has decided to play Blood Bowl, and has joined the Super League. So I started a second team and am also playing in the Super League with Deathbot.

This season there are 14 teams in the veteran league (with 5 teams re-drafted) and 10 teams in the introduction league (with 1 team re-drafted). We used the new re-drafting rules in Deathzone 1. For the most part things went smooth except the league commissioners overlooked a rule requiring re-rolls to be re-purchased, so all the re-drafted teams got least season's re-rolls for free. However, I calculated my team correctly and paid for my re-rolls (loosing 2 in the process). After my first game I was given the 2 re-rolls back.

My battle reports from last season were quite lengthy. With me running two teams plus Deathbot's team, I won't be writing a detailed BatRep for all of our games. But I will try to write up a short combined After Action Report after each round.

Zorcon's Premiership Game 1
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks (Chaos Dwarves) vs Fungis Amongis (Orcs)

I may regret re-drafting my team. I gave up 570k in inducements to my opponent in this first game. With that, he bought 2 Star Players--Ripper Bolgrot (troll) and Bomber Dribblesnot (goblin bombardier) for 330k, plus 2 Bloodwieser Kegs and a re-roll for another 200k.

Dice were not my friend this game. Nuffle was punishing me! I couldn't break armor the entire game, and by turn three my Minotaur and a Bull Centaur was KO'd. I played the entire back 3/4 of the game with 8 or less players.

On turn 8, the Orc player needed to throw a 2-die block for a TD but rolled double skulls (no re-rolls). Maybe Nuffle was done punishing me. Nope! The second half opens with me receiving. The Orc player sets up deep, sacrificing 3 lineorcs to the line of scrimmage. I set up aggressive and strong to my left. I choose to grab the ball with my Sure Hands Hobgoblin first thing, but fail both pick-up rolls. The orcs have a hey-day pummeling my front line. I never get the ball past the line of scrimmage. The orcs get the ball mid-half, and for 3 turns I manage to blitz the ball carrier, delaying my opponent from scoring. On turn 16, he needs a 2-die block and a pick-up to score, and unfortunately he did.

Orcs win 1-0. Casualties results the same 1-0 Orcs favor. My apothecary was put into service saving a Bull Centaur from dying. It was a frustrating game, but that is Blood Bowl. Re-group and forge on.

Zorcon's Super League Game 1
Paravon City Chiefs (Vampires) vs WWF Hall of Maim (Chaos Chosen)

I was looking forward to trying out my new Vampire team. I have never played Vampire's before and expect this season will be a challenge. My team consisted of 3 Vampires, 8 Thralls and 5 Re-Rolls. The Chaos team has 4 Chaos Warriors, 7 Beastmen, and 3 Re-Rolls,

Nuffle was still punishing me this game. I kicked off and got a Blitz. My first activation was a Vampire--I failed the Blood Lust roll, failed the Re-Roll, and Badly Hurt the Thrall that was bitten. On the Hall of Maim's first turn, he Badly Hurt a Thrall, KO'd 2 Thralls and a Vampire! That is how the entire game went.

The Chaos team scored on turn 6 and I only had 3 players on the field. I got 2 back from the KO box at the next Kick-Off, and from that point on, I never had more than 5 guys on the pitch. Mid way through the second half, I was down to 1 player. After getting scored on again, I managed to get back 4 players. If I ever had less than 3 players for a kick off I planned on conceding, but that never happened. After the Chaos' third TD, I could only field 3 players.

Chaos wins 3-0. The Chaos player racks up 4 Casualties (plus my self inflicted injury). My AV 7 Thralls took a beating--They spent more time in the KO box than the game, plus 3 Badly Hurt, 1 Kill and 1 Miss Next Game.

Deathbot's Super League Game 1
New Orclean Saints (Orcs) vs Grim Dregga Purple (Orcs)

Deathbot's first league game was more exciting than both of my games. At one point, he had stunned nearly every opposing player on the pitch. I did hear from a nearby coach that Deathbot needs to work on setting up 2-die blocks--He takes too many unnecessary 1-die blocks.

The teams were slightly different. The Grim Dregga ran 2 Llineorcs, a Thrower, 4 Black Orcs, and 4 Blitzers. While Deathbot's New Oreleans Saints traded a Black Orc and a Blitzer for a Goblin and a Troll.

In the first half, Deathbot pulled off a 1-turn score by throwing his goblin, tying the game 1-1. But he couldn't hold off the opposing orcs, and they scored again in the second half.

Game ends 2-1 Grim Dregga Purple. Deathbot caused the only casualty (a Badly Hurt Blitzer), and threw 2 Completions, while the opposing team threw 1 Completion and an Interception.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Finals AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

I played my playoff game vs Undead last Thursday.

My opponent hired a wizard with his inducement. I won the coin toss and chose to kick-off.

First half. What a grind! I kicked deep, and we immediately commenced beating each other up. I was able to keep the undead on their side of the pitch for about 5 turns. A Ghoul broke free and got past the line of scrimmage. A Bull Centaur caught him and put him down on turn 6. A hobgoblin scooped up the ball and handed it off to another HG. He and the other Bull Centaur made a run for the endzone. I had the undead completely locked down except for 2 Ghouls. On my turn 8 I needed a 2-die Block, a 2-die Blitz and 2 GFIs. I failed the second GFI, broke armor, and serious injury on turn 8, ending the half 0-0.

Second half. I am receiving. The ball scatters 2 squares from the line of scrimmage, and the Undead get a Blitz! On his free turn, a ghoul gets under the ball and catches it!!! The opposing coach also manages to stun 3 players and get 4 defenders around the ball before my first turn of the half. I close in, trying to keep lanes closed while keeping the 2 Mummies busy. We go back and forth a few rounds like this with no one gaining an advantage. Finally a Mummy takes down one of my defenders, which allows a chain of blocks to free up the Ghoul ball carrier. Ho makes a run for it. This Ghoul has +1 MA and is sitting 10 squares from the endzone--# Dodges and 2 GFI to score. He fails the second GFI, broke armor, and serious injury. That was only turn 2!!. I caught a serious lucky break, although at the time I felt Karmacly avenged with the Undead's lucky kick-off, and my GFI fail to score last half. The next 4 turns were a comical scene of me trying to pick up the ball with my Sure Hands Hobgoblin and handing it off to a Bull Centaur (with the intent he would make a run for it and be harder to take down). However, I did slowly manage to make some progress by moving the Bull Centaur first on a couple of turns. But every advance on my turn was stopped by a timely Ghoul Blitz. Even though I was removing players off the pitch (mostly by way of KO) and had a serious numbers advantage, I just could not get the ball into the Bull Centaurs hands until my turn 6. Then the wizard zapped the BC with a lightning bolt, putting him down, but not breaking armor. He got 2 Ghouls to the ball, with one picking it up. On my turn I took them both down and the ball scattered close enough for a Hobgoblin to score with 2 GFIs. I went for it and failed the second GFI. Fortunately the ball scattered to the left. His nearest player was a prone Ghoul and with 2 GFIs, he could only get adjacent to the ball--guess what... he failed the second GFI, broke armor, and serious injury! On my turn 7 my prone Sure Hands Hobgoblin stands up and tries to pick up the ball in the endzone--Nope, scatters to the right! The undead player has no-one in reach. My turn 8, I position a Hobgoblin to the left and right of the ball and send a third HG in to pick up the ball. This time *IF* he fails, there is still potential to catch the scattered ball and score. This time old "Sure Hands" is flanking the ball, so an unskilled HG comes running up field to try and pick up the ball--I score on turn 16! My opponent had one turn left to bash heads and he took it, but did not break any armor.

Game ends, I win 1-0. The Casualty side of the game also ends in my favor at 3-1, with 2-1 of that due to self inflicted wounds from failed GFIs. This was a real nail bitter. The store was already announcing the countdown to close and it looked like the game was going to end in a 0-0 tie. The commissioner was prepared to open up the club house for us to finish, but that last second score was a surprisingly tedious and difficult point.

My final stats for the season (8 games + 1 game play-off) are: 8-1-0, 12 TDs for, 4 TD against, 17 casualties for, 8 casualties against. Factoring in the Friendly game, my 10-game stat totals are: 8-2-0, 12 TDs for, 6 TD against, 20 casualties for, 9 casualties against.

The upper league is still in the semi-finals of there playoffs--Pro Elf vs Necromantic (Won) and Dark Elf vs Lizardman (TBA). I am interested in playing the eventual winner of that league, but will have to see how things end up there and if that player is also interested.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 8 (Game 8) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

Tonight, I played my final game of the league vs an Ogre team. The coach plays in the upper league and I knew my skill level was below his--I played him before vs his upper league Dark Elves last month and lost. My team value was 500k more than his, and he picked up Morg 'n Thorg and a Bloodwieser keg.

First half. I scored early after winning the coin flip and choosing to receive. Unfortunately, my Minotaur was surfed off the pitch. Morg and an ogre both threw blocks on him to get him next to the side line and then the coach threw a 3-die my-choice block with a snotling vs the mino--3 Pushes! To add injury to insult, the crowd seriously injured the mino. The opposing coach was able to get into scoring position by turn 8, but was left with too many dice rolls to make a touch down.

In the second half, I was faced with kicking off to a full team of ogres where I was down a mino and 2 dwarves. The ogres got in scoring position on their turn 6, but I managed to stuff the ball carrier. I had no one to pick up the ball, so a snotling slid in and grabbed the ball. I squashed that one too, but could not clear the ball. Ogres turn 8 needed a 2-die block, a 2-die blitz, a 3+ pick up, a 3+ hand off, two 2+ dodges, and two 2+ GFIs. He failed the second Dodge.

I "win" 1-0 with a Chaos Dwarf and Minotaur missing next game and both suffering -1 movement. I badly hurt a Snotling, and the total casualties were 1-2 in my opponents favor.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Parravon City Chiefs WIP

My team for the OBBL 2017 Super League Season 2 will be a newly converted Vampire team. I followed in the Blood Bowl tradition of naming my team after an NFL team--The Kansas City Chiefs.

The Vampires are converted from Dark Elf Corsair torsos, Crypt Ghoul heads, Space Marine mk IV tabards, and (3rd ed) Dark Eldar legs.

The Thralls are converted from Bretonian heads, various Empire/Bretonian/Historic Heads/Arms with Dwarfs Ironbreaker Shoulder Pads.

I primered the figures with Krylon Colormaster Ultra Flat Red Oxide. Then I coated the figures with a wash of a 50/50 mix of Agrax Earthshade and Carroburg Crimson. After that, I applied successively lighter layers of Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet. Finally I applied a light drybrush of Ratskin Flesh.

Yellow trim and skin-tone base colors down. Still lots of shading and highlighting left before finishing the base with grit, paint and static grass.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 9 (Game 7) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

This counts as a make up game for missing round 2 of the league, and was played out of order, before my round 8 game.

This is the same Human coach that I played in my first game (round 3). However, in that game the coach conceded in the second half and decided to disband his team afterwards. So this is a different team than the one I played before. In this game he brought an Ogre and 3 Blitzers. He also had 2 Journeymen due to 3 deaths in his previous game vs Orcs. There was a 500k Team Value deficit, allowing the Human coach to purchase arguably(?) the best Star Player, Morg 'n Thorg and a Bloodwieser Keg.

I kick deep, with the ball landing 1 square from the left back corner square almost in the opponent's endzone. (I love the kick skill!). But again the game starts with a High Kick and the Human coach puts Morn 'n Thorg (ST6/AG3) under the ball. Morg is a beast. He Blitzes 2 consecutive turns through my defenders ending up in scoring distance. The opposing coach is overly confidant with the Star Player and didn't realize what skills my Minotaur, Djun'Jar had. On my turn I put three players on Morg. Then I Blitz across the field with my Mino--Using Break Tackle, ST5, Horns, 2 assists, and Juggernaught, KO'ing Morg on the second block. My Hobgoblin with Sure Hands grabs the ball and hands it off to another Hobgoblin, who gets to the other side of the field just past the line of scrimmage. I score in 2 turns.

Morg does not recover from the KO box. I set up strong to the left with both Bull Centaurs and Mino in and along the wide zone with the plan of kicking short and steeling the ball. My opponent does not pick up on this and shies away from my big guys and sets most of his team up deep (expecting me to kick deep again). The kick goes favorably, landing a square from the line of scrimmage. Rolling on the Kick-Off Table, we get change of weather which results in Perfect Weather--Causing the ball to bounce an additional square. Not wanting a touch back, I sweated it out rolling the scatter die twice, but in the end the ball landed legally. The only Human player in range of the ball had to dodge away from my Chaos Dwarf along the line of scrimmage. In an oversight, my opponent went for the dodge before advancing the players deep down field. He failed the dodge. On my turn, I counted out the squares and ran a cage down field with a Bull Centaur in the middle set to receive a hand-off (I wanted him to score for the XP), a Hobgoblin picked up the ball, ran into the cage, but failed the hand off. I was still in very good shape. The humans tried unsuccessfully to break my defenses and I again advanced the cage with the Bull Centaur in the middle down field a few more paces. My Hobgoblin picks up the ball and attempts a hand-off, but fails. I have KO'd and Stunned most of the Human team, and they aren't able to put up a defense. So I again advance the cage and Bull Centaur. This is my turn 7. I am able to place the Bull Centaur in the endzone and single or double mark the remaining Human players. Again my Hobgoblin picks up the ball, runs down to the Bull Centaur and fails the hand off. There is nothing the Human player can do to stop me, so he takes all the blocks he can throw. On my turn 8, I decide not to risk it and have the Hobgoblin pick up the ball and step in the endzone. The half ends 2-0.

The second half begins. Morg comes back, but there are 3 other Human players still KO'd. He kicks off to me mid field, and I gain a re-roll. I can tell the opposing coach is a little upset with how dominant my Minotaur was. So I decide to help him out a little bit by suggesting better choices on his turn. Essentially, I shut myself down and did not score--Although he did not get the ball from me either. By the time the game ended he was in a much better mood.

Round 2 (Make-up): Won vs Humans; Points: 2-0; Casualties 0-1

With one game to play, I have locked up 2nd place, and if I win my next game, I will be 1 point behind 1st place. However, win or loose I will be playing the Undead in the finals on Thursday 4/20. Both myself and the Lizardman team are waiting on a Round 7 game to be played (Ogres vs Skaven). I will be playing the Ogre team either this week or next. Here are the current top three team's league standings:

Name                          PTS   TV  CAS  W L D GF GA
Dead Henchmen           22   1460   20     7  0  1   15   6
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks  18   1600   13     6  1  0   10   4
Black Pool Dragons      13   1580   13     4  2  1   15   7

Monday, June 12, 2017

Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 4

It has been over 5 years since the last showcase of my Dark Heresy group. The previous post can be found here. Quite a bit has changed since then with only one model making it through to this iteration. Most characters have a new version of their figure, plus we lost 2 players and gained another. We also added an NPC as well as a veritable zoo of servitors and familiars.

Here is the entire group. The PCs are on the lower level and their followers are on the upper level. The two servitors (top left) are sporting new(ish)ly converted guns that will appear in a future post. All figures painted by me unless otherwise noted.

The PCs (from left to right):

The followers (from left to right):

  • Servitor (team owned) with grenade launcher.
  • Longinous (NPC) ex pirate hired by group. Painted by Adeptus-B
  • Servitor (Venris) with heavy stubber.
  • Cyber-Hound (Cordelius) standard build.
  • Skull Servitor (Cordelius) mono-tast medicae-skull.
  • Blaze Wing (Nickodemus) familiar based on a large flying creature stats.
  • Grynax (Nickodemus) psychically bonded xenos feline.

Arvus Ligher, team transport.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Cryx Objectives WIP

Here is a quick blurb of my Cryx objectives. Most of the bits used are from GW, but there are some bits from other companies, like Pagasus, Imex, and Perry Miniatures to name a few. Since there are no Warmachine bits, I am a little concerned with the legality of these pieces if I ever play in an official tournament,

From left to right: Stockpile, Fuel Cache, Bunker, Flag, Arcane Wonder, Flag, Armory.

These were fun and very satisfying to convert up. I am looking forward to finish painting them. Now I just need to try them out on the battlefield.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 7 (Game 6) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

I am a couple BatReps behind. Over the last 2 Thursdays, I played my Round 7 game and a make-up game for Round 2. Prior to these games, I was in second place with a win/loss record of 4-1. Points wise that put me 1-1/2 games behind 1st and a 1-1/2 games ahead of 3rd). At that point I played 1 less game than 1st and 3rd place, so I was sitting pretty good, although I hadn't locked up 2nd place for the Finals.

A quick recap of my past games: 

Round 3: Won vs Humans; Points: 2-0; Casualties 5-1
Round 4: Loss vs 1st place Undead; Points: 0-2; Casualties 1-4
Round 1 (Make-up): Won vs 2nd place Lizardmen; Points: 2-1; Casualties 1-3
Round 5: Won vs Orcs; Points: 1-0; Casualties 4-2
Round 6: Won vs Skaven; Points: 2-1; Casualties 1-0


The opposing coach is the commissioner of my league, and plays in the upper league. I knew five ST4/AG4 Vampires was going to be a difficult match-up. But one of the Vampires had an AG 5! I was entirely unprepared to deal with him at the onset of the match. My team value was high enough, the opposing coach was able to higher Count Luthor Von Drakenborg--a ST5/AG4 tough Vampire Star Player.

First kick off was a high kick and AG5 Vampire starts the game with the ball in hand, deep on his side of the pitch. At first the opposing coach had a difficult time passing the 2+ Blood Lust check when activating Vampires, but NUFFLE mostly balanced things out by Defender Down/Stumbles on his single die blocks the entire game. I had a pretty good line of defense, but a Vampire busted through my left sideline and got 3 squares from my endzone, followed by 2 Thralls staggered behind. The AG5 ball-carrier had an easy advance to a quick pass next turn. I put two players adjacent to the "receiver" as insurance. Then I sent a Bull Centaur to Blitz the Vampire receiver but I got a push result. That still left me with three tacklezones on him. I also managed to mark both Thralls, and get two players on the "thrower". My fate is now up to my opponent to make all the dice rolls to score--2 Dodges, a GFI, a Pass, a Catch, and 2 Dodges. It was looking grim for me with all that high Agility, but the pressure on the receiver paid off as the catch failed.

My turn 4. I tighten up my defenses, and throw a couple 2-die blocks away from the ball. Then I try to get the Vampire away from the ball, but after two 2-die blocks, the Vampire is still up and adjacent to my only Hobgoblin in the area. I make the dodge, but fail the pick up and the ball scatters off the pitch. The crowd throws the ball straight in about 10 squares, behind my defensive line. The Vampires could not reach the ball, and on my next turn a Hobgoblin scoops up the ball and makes a Handoff to another Hobgoblin. That Hobgoblin runs for the endzone with a Bull Centaur screening him. The Vampires are too fast to allow me to break away, and we trade blows while I slowly move down field. On my turn 8, I need two take-downs on two 2-die blocks to clear a path. One resulted in a push, which meant I needed 2 Dodges to break free for a TD--I failed the second one. But I still consider it a successful half preventing the Vampires from scoring.

Second Half. I receive the ball, and fairly easily march the ball down for a TD on turn 4. We set up for kick off again and I push my luck a little with the kick skill. I count out 3 squares diagonally from the left sideline along the line of scrimmage, hoping to nab the ball. I got perfect defense, and rearranged my players to take advantage of a short kick. The bounce landed the ball on the line of scrimmage at the feet of 2 Bull Centaurs and a Chaos Dwarf. The Vampire coach ran a couple of defenders near the ball and then tried to pick up the ball with the AG5 Vampire. He failed the Blood Lust roll (KO'ing a Thrall), and failed to pick up the ball (An AG5 player picking up the ball with 3 tacklezones nets a 4+ roll). The ball scatters to a Bull Centaur, then scatters to a Hobgoblin, who catches it...turnover and I have the ball! On turn 8 I am in a similar position to the end of the first half with similar results, and miss out on another point. 

I win and feel really good about the game. Overall I had control of the entire game, shuting down the vampire's offence and managed to control Count Luthor. I only scored 1 point, but the game could have ended 3-0 my favor.

Round 7: Won vs Vampires; Points: 1-0; Casualties 2-0

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 6 (Game 5) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

I played against Skaven--He had all the positionals minus a rat ogre and a blitzer. The coach had just taken their first win, beating an upper league player 3-0. We set up the game, I won the coin toss and chose to kick off. Weather is Sweltering Heat! I had a Hobgoblin and a Chaos Dwarf out for the game due to injury, but still had 11 players.

I run my typical defense, slowly corralling the opposing players towards the backfield. I knew I was going to have issues with the AG4 + Dodge Gutter Runners, so I kept mindful of not over committing and keeping my Bull Centaurs (BC) available to deal with a reversal or a break away player. Damn, Gutter Runners (GR) suck! My dice rolls against them too! On turn 3, my opponent slipped a GR through the defense and then slid out his thrower into the open and made a pass that ended up just shy of the line of scrimmage. But I was prepared for this--2 die block to free up a BC for a 2-die Blitz. Expending a re-roll, best I could get was a push. Again I was still prepared and was able to put 4 more guys on the ball carrier. I also had some Hobgoblins sitting back. The GR with the ball was walled off going forward, so he had to triple-Dodge backwards to get out of my box, and then zig-zag through my defense. This prevented him out running me with his 9 movement. I again Blitzed him with a re-roll, getting a Pushed result. I didn't have as many player's in range, but manage to get a total of 4 guys on the ball carrier. The GR makes a 4+ and 2+ dodge, then and two 2+ GFIs for a TD. on his turn 5.

Now we have to deal with Sweltering heat--Every player on the pitch at the end of the drive is unavailable for the next drive on a roll of 6. Neither one of us rolled a 6 out of a total of 20 rolls! I receive the kick off and we get nice weather. I have set up and execute my "fast" offence. Both BC are in the same wide-zone. One is to clear the path and the other carries the ball. The rest of the team bashes heads and tries to wrap around the opponent to create an obstacle to go around. The opposing coach is bold with his GRs and gets all four in front of my two BCs. I spend the next few turns pushing my way up the field, but find myself in a pickle at turn 8. It takes me a few minutes to wrap my head around the puzzle of figuring out how to score a TD. I am 3 squares from the endzone, but no matter how I slice it, I will have to make a Dodge roll with a BC. So I start looking for alternative plays. I find it--Triple cover and three-die Blitz a Skaven Lineman away from the ball. This freed up a hole big enough that the BC could get through without a dodge, but requiring 3 GFIs. I had a re-roll available plus Sure Feet on the BC, so I thought this was the play to make. I make the Blitz, then I activate the BC for 9 square lateral run... First half ends tied 1-1.

Second half opens up with me receiving the ball again. I set up in a similar fashion as last time, with both BCs to the right, one in the wide-zone with a HG between them, but back a square. I plan on running my "slow" offence--Using both BC as a moving wall, with a HG trailing with the ball. After the kick, we get Quick Snap (I get to move all my players 1 square) and a bonus--A touch-back! I give the HG between the BCs the ball. The Skaven are set up away from the line of scrimmage, and are clustered more towards the middle of the field, allowing both BCs and the HG ball carrier to get 5 squares up field. The rest of the team starts setting up an "L" shaped wall. While the Skaven are too slippery to punch easily, they can't do much more than slow me down. Because I ran my "slow" offense, more Skaven were able to get in front of me. However, this meant fewer were laterally/behind me, and I only needed a 2 sided wall. Each turn, I would Blitz a Skaven, and move everyone else in base to base formation up to the opponent. On his turn he Dodged away. I was only making 1-2 squares of movement per turn, but I started doing the math and at this rate, I would end up pushing the Skaven off the endzone and scoring on turn 8. I think my opponent saw his doom. He started leaving sacrificial Linemen in base-to-base in an attempt to slow my progress, but after 2 serious injuries, he began Dodging everyone away again. Everything played out as I thought. On my turn 8 of the second half, I Blitzed a Skaven off the back of the pitch and ran the HG in to win 2-1.

No blood for the Minotaur this game--A first! It was a Bull Centaur and a Chaos Dwarf that hospitalized the Skaven. I picked up Block on my second BC, and my Minotaur won MVP and achieved his second skill-Juggernaut. I am now solidly in second place, a full win ahead of third place. With 2 rounds left, we are taking a short break for next weeks tournament. I have already played everyone in the top 6 once and the commissioner said he was planning on scheduling the last two round with no duplicate opponents--So I get to finish up the season playing the lower tier of the league.