Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 6 (Game 5) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

I played against Skaven--He had all the positionals minus a rat ogre and a blitzer. The coach had just taken their first win, beating an upper league player 3-0. We set up the game, I won the coin toss and chose to kick off. Weather is Sweltering Heat! I had a Hobgoblin and a Chaos Dwarf out for the game due to injury, but still had 11 players.

I run my typical defense, slowly corralling the opposing players towards the backfield. I knew I was going to have issues with the AG4 + Dodge Gutter Runners, so I kept mindful of not over committing and keeping my Bull Centaurs (BC) available to deal with a reversal or a break away player. Damn, Gutter Runners (GR) suck! My dice rolls against them too! On turn 3, my opponent slipped a GR through the defense and then slid out his thrower into the open and made a pass that ended up just shy of the line of scrimmage. But I was prepared for this--2 die block to free up a BC for a 2-die Blitz. Expending a re-roll, best I could get was a push. Again I was still prepared and was able to put 4 more guys on the ball carrier. I also had some Hobgoblins sitting back. The GR with the ball was walled off going forward, so he had to triple-Dodge backwards to get out of my box, and then zig-zag through my defense. This prevented him out running me with his 9 movement. I again Blitzed him with a re-roll, getting a Pushed result. I didn't have as many player's in range, but manage to get a total of 4 guys on the ball carrier. The GR makes a 4+ and 2+ dodge, then and two 2+ GFIs for a TD. on his turn 5.

Now we have to deal with Sweltering heat--Every player on the pitch at the end of the drive is unavailable for the next drive on a roll of 6. Neither one of us rolled a 6 out of a total of 20 rolls! I receive the kick off and we get nice weather. I have set up and execute my "fast" offence. Both BC are in the same wide-zone. One is to clear the path and the other carries the ball. The rest of the team bashes heads and tries to wrap around the opponent to create an obstacle to go around. The opposing coach is bold with his GRs and gets all four in front of my two BCs. I spend the next few turns pushing my way up the field, but find myself in a pickle at turn 8. It takes me a few minutes to wrap my head around the puzzle of figuring out how to score a TD. I am 3 squares from the endzone, but no matter how I slice it, I will have to make a Dodge roll with a BC. So I start looking for alternative plays. I find it--Triple cover and three-die Blitz a Skaven Lineman away from the ball. This freed up a hole big enough that the BC could get through without a dodge, but requiring 3 GFIs. I had a re-roll available plus Sure Feet on the BC, so I thought this was the play to make. I make the Blitz, then I activate the BC for 9 square lateral run... First half ends tied 1-1.

Second half opens up with me receiving the ball again. I set up in a similar fashion as last time, with both BCs to the right, one in the wide-zone with a HG between them, but back a square. I plan on running my "slow" offence--Using both BC as a moving wall, with a HG trailing with the ball. After the kick, we get Quick Snap (I get to move all my players 1 square) and a bonus--A touch-back! I give the HG between the BCs the ball. The Skaven are set up away from the line of scrimmage, and are clustered more towards the middle of the field, allowing both BCs and the HG ball carrier to get 5 squares up field. The rest of the team starts setting up an "L" shaped wall. While the Skaven are too slippery to punch easily, they can't do much more than slow me down. Because I ran my "slow" offense, more Skaven were able to get in front of me. However, this meant fewer were laterally/behind me, and I only needed a 2 sided wall. Each turn, I would Blitz a Skaven, and move everyone else in base to base formation up to the opponent. On his turn he Dodged away. I was only making 1-2 squares of movement per turn, but I started doing the math and at this rate, I would end up pushing the Skaven off the endzone and scoring on turn 8. I think my opponent saw his doom. He started leaving sacrificial Linemen in base-to-base in an attempt to slow my progress, but after 2 serious injuries, he began Dodging everyone away again. Everything played out as I thought. On my turn 8 of the second half, I Blitzed a Skaven off the back of the pitch and ran the HG in to win 2-1.

No blood for the Minotaur this game--A first! It was a Bull Centaur and a Chaos Dwarf that hospitalized the Skaven. I picked up Block on my second BC, and my Minotaur won MVP and achieved his second skill-Juggernaut. I am now solidly in second place, a full win ahead of third place. With 2 rounds left, we are taking a short break for next weeks tournament. I have already played everyone in the top 6 once and the commissioner said he was planning on scheduling the last two round with no duplicate opponents--So I get to finish up the season playing the lower tier of the league.