Monday, June 12, 2017

Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 4

It has been over 5 years since the last showcase of my Dark Heresy group. The previous post can be found here. Quite a bit has changed since then with only one model making it through to this iteration. Most characters have a new version of their figure, plus we lost 2 players and gained another. We also added an NPC as well as a veritable zoo of servitors and familiars.

Here is the entire group. The PCs are on the lower level and their followers are on the upper level. The two servitors (top left) are sporting new(ish)ly converted guns that will appear in a future post. All figures painted by me unless otherwise noted.

The PCs (from left to right):

The followers (from left to right):

  • Servitor (team owned) with grenade launcher.
  • Longinous (NPC) ex pirate hired by group. Painted by Adeptus-B
  • Servitor (Venris) with heavy stubber.
  • Cyber-Hound (Cordelius) standard build.
  • Skull Servitor (Cordelius) mono-tast medicae-skull.
  • Blaze Wing (Nickodemus) familiar based on a large flying creature stats.
  • Grynax (Nickodemus) psychically bonded xenos feline.

Arvus Ligher, team transport.