Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Guardsman

I finally put on the last bit of detail on Deatbot's figure. The armor, scope, bullets, and metal bitz on the base have a healthy coating of gloss varnish. Not sure if the extra work shows off in this pic. Here are some more images "in the round".

A little surprise on the base was adding a partial zombie skull inside the pipe, floating at the top of whatever sludge is in there.

To create the sludge, I filled the pipe with a couple of layers of water effects with a thin wash of turqouse in between each layer--I was trying to force a depth into the liquid.

If you missed the WIP posts, here are links to past articles for this project:
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In the coming week, I will be finishing up a couple long over due almost-done-projects and working on 2 Dark Heresy PC figures.