Friday, August 30, 2013

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Scum mk 2

Here is the second incarnation of the scum in our Dark Heresy group. The first rendition can be found here. This model is a Privateer Press Kommander Sorscha (2010 Metal). Lord Grimskull bought this figure and made the green stuff additions himself. What a bang up job for a first go around!!!

Image taken from Privateer Press without permission

Lord Grimskull cut off the head-dress and sculpted a new head along with a nice pair of bangs. He also added a skull around the hammer's head. I bend the left arm to make it outstretched as if challenging a foe.

I have also added some pieces from by bitz box: A small wolf head medallion; 2 chain swords; and a wolf pelt cloak. The character hails from Fenris, hence all the feral adornments.