Wednesday, August 28, 2013

40K BatRep - Tau vs Space Marines

Set up

My son and I played a game of (5th edition) WH40K about 3 months ago and I forgot to write up a battle report. I will have to heavily rely on the photos to help recall the details.

I don't have any of the 6th edition books or figures as I am currently unable to afford any of it. To be honest, I would like to blame it on the recent price hikes, but that wasn't a factor at all. So I make due with what I have!!

My son has A Space Marine Salamander army that I painted. For this game WYSIWYG was a priority! I also wanted to instill the importance of painted figures. I didn't have enough Tau painted to field a 200 point force, so I took everything I had that was painted and selected a few models from what was assembled. My son really wanted a tank, so I pulled one off my project shelf for him.

The game went to Turn 7. It ended up a tie, but if it ended any round earlier, my son would have won. Boy, this has been too long to recall any details. I will have to let the pics just speak for them selves on this one!

End of Turn 1

End of Turn 2
End of Turn 3

End of Turn 4

End of Turn 5

End of 6

End of Turn 7