Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Deathwatch Kill Team

Here is a couple of group shots of our Deathwatch Kill Team. 

We are one player short of a 10-man squad. Although we have played with the entire team, that is highly unusual. (I probably said in another post) our Deathwatch campaign is secondary our Dark Heresy Campaign. If we don't have enough to play DH, then we pull out DW. This means that almost every time we play Deathwatch, we have a different mix of players.

The models were painted by Adeptus-B (5),  myself (3), and another friend (1). They are all accurate to chapter and specialty (except for a White Scar Tactical Marine standing in for a a Space Wolf Tactical), and equipment.

I have previous posts showcasing many of the figures individually, but thought it would be nice to include a pic of a "full deployment!"