Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jass Two Plus One

Mock-up of completed project

I just finished this project for a customer. "Jass For Fun" is a local 20-30's style jazz band. This was a very fulfilling (and fun) project. I designed the exterior elements and the CD label to be in the style of an era LP label and jacket. I even went as far as aging the CD label as if were a well used vintage label.

The photography was done by a local photographer whom I have done business with in the past. She actually put me in touch with this customer.

The inside spread of the insert has a brief bio of each member and a casual shot. There were over 100 pictures to choose from, although the client and photographer had their favorites.

I like how the color pallet for this project turned out on the back.

My favorite part of the project was the CD label. I sourced a stock photo of a vintage LP (there were no spaces in the grooves between songs) to make the CD look like it is a small record.

The client is happy with the project, and I will be designing a poster and a mailer next.