Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Image taken from interwebs
without permission

My family has had to contend with a serious health challenge in the last few weeks. Very scary in fact. It is not over, but treatment is progressing and there is a good outlook.

I have been preoccupied dealing with the repercussions of this recent challenge. As a father, husband, and caregiver my health (mental and physical) is of utmost importance. What I forgot is that my hobby time is my primary form therapy. Actually, it has been for decades. Last week, I fell into an old habit of feeling sorry for myself (and my situation)--When I did have some time to spare, I did nothing but mope.

The last 10 years have been full of turmoil. Between my wife, my son, and myself we have endured: Breast Cancer, ADHD, unemployment, hallucinations, Dyspraxia, Alzheimer's, Brain Tumor, foreclosure, severe Depression, Bi-Polar, Structured Learning, Epilepsy, and 16 surgeries. OK, I cheated a little by adding Alzhiemer's to the list. I did that because it directly impacts my family. We moved my mother-in-law in with us about 2 years ago and I am her primary caregiver.

Throughout all of these challenges, the thing that has kept me going is gaming. It has been the catalyst to spend time with my friends. Gaming has also brought serenity when sitting at my workbench painting away. Most importantly it has been my source of feeling, forgive the cliche, "Everything will be OK".

Enough of the life lessons already!! Back to the regularly scheduled topic! I missed posting some topics that weren't yet scheduled because of details missing. Rather than post-date them, or dump them all on one day, I will be making a post every day through the end of the month. Here are the highlights:

  • Jass Two Plus One:  A recent design project I completed for a 20's and 30's style Jazz band.
  • Token Risk: I began printing out tokens for my Risk Omega rules.
  • 40K BatRep - Tau vs Space Marines: A long delayed picture bat-rep of a game I played with my son (his first official full-rules game).
  • Eberron Vehicles: 2 different Eberron vehicles I scratch built for my old D&D campaign.
  • Jade's Furry: The blue prints to a large vessel I drew up that my Eberron players captured at the end (?) of our campaign.
  • Risking the Map: A test map has been printed for Risk Omega.
  • Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Guardsman: The guardsman (mk 2) in our Dark Heresy campaign.
  • Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Psyker: The psyker (mk 3) in our Dark Heresy campaign.
  • Dark Heresy Character WIP - Scum (part 2): In-progress shots of the scum (mk 2) in our Dark Heresy campaign.
  • Fungus Among Us: Painting up some resin terrain pieces.