Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kill Team

image taken from internets without permission

Lately I have been yearning to play a skirmish game. This is partly due to being romanced by a number of new games out there. But unfortunately, I (nor anyone else in my group) are not financially up to buying into a new game. So I proposed the idea of playing a skirmish game that we already own to the other hobbyist in my group. I compiled a list (all GW games): Warbands (WHFB), Mordhiem, Kill Team (WH40K), Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic. He chose Kill Team.

Most of our group is into the idea as well, and we spent some time at the end of our last session considering what codexes we all were interested in. However we really haven't discussed what rule-set will be used.

The Kill Team rules from the 4th ed BRB was on hand the other night, so that is what is the most familiar to most of the players. However I want to look at all the options:

  • 4th ed Kill Team rules in BRB
  • 5th ed Kill Team rules in Battle Missions
  • 6th ed Kill Team rules on GW website
  • Warseer's Collaborative Kill Team rules

  • Necromunda rules for game play instead of WH40K
  • 3rd ed Campaign Experience Progression
  • 1st ed Wound Chart
  • 1st ed Plot Generator

I really like Warseer's Collaborative Kill Team rules the best and they are very concise, probably not needing any added rules. But I am curious if anyone else has played games of Kill Team and what is there experience.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wanted Poster

Designed by John Hanan III

My band has 5 gigs coming up in the next 5 weeks, with 4 of them in a 4-day stretch, and 2 of those in the same day!! Here is a poster I created to promote all 5 shows.

We have learned 3 traditional songs, a cover, and finished an original specifically for the 3 St. Pattrick's Day shows, but all of the songs will be added to our rotation.

Our style is best described as Celtic Folk Punk, and our biggest influence is The Pouges. However, we are starting to branch out into other styles of traditional and original songs like polka, bluegrass, and other cultural influences.

Hope you like it! If you want to know more about my band, you can read this previous post and check out our Facebook page.