Thursday, September 16, 2010

Imperial Time

I was at my local watch/jewelry repairman the other day to have a bracelet fixed. While I was waiting, I spotted pieces to a watch face and mechanism on his work bench. I noticed the "pip" for the 12-spot was missing and asked the craftsman if that was a work in progress, or was something destined for his "bitz box". As you can see above, I came home with the watch face and added a few Forge World brass-etched adornments.

I plan to use this as a clock on the exterior of some yet-to-be-built administratum building.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pulp Figures Order

I recently placed an order with Pulp Figures and the package arrived the other day. We needed some NPC's for our Dark Heresy campaign, so I picked up a pack of Gasmask Cultists Troops 1 and Weird Villains 1.

This was my first order from the company and I was quite pleased with the items received. I was really surprised that one figure in each pack came with 2 hand/gun options. Very light mold lines/flashing are present on only a few pieces. The metal is hard and does not bend easily (I consider that a plus, but for any conversion work it would be undesirable).

I wasn't too concerned with the figures looking smallwith the larger heroic-scale minis commonly produced today -- 1) Much of my collection pre-dates 3rd edition WH40K and 2) its OK (IMO) that NPC's are smaller/less-dramatic than our PC's. Well, it turns out the Pulp Figures line are right to scale in height next to other figures I had on hand. However, the head and hands are more realistically scaled than most GW/Citadel figures, and that is what is more apparent to me in a side-by-side comparison.

Pictured lect to right:

1. Gasmask Cultists 1, Pulp Figures
2. Imperial  Catachan, Citadel Miniatures
3. Rogue Trader era Pirate, Citadel Miniatures
4. Necromunda Redemptionist Leader, Citadel Miniatures
5. Necromunda Orlock Juve, Citadel Miniatures
6. The Crimson Scorpion, Pulp Figures