Monday, September 14, 2009

Tau versus Necron Redux

Once again the Necrons will be materializing to take part in another battle. For the second outing, I'm not going to change anything except for some of the wargear that I had purchased for the Necron Lord (mainly as point filler, as buying another Warrior would have put me something like 2 points over the limit). I've been assembling some Wraiths (side rant: in the time it takes to clean up and assemble a single Wraith you could have had an entire squad of Warriors ready to go) but I don't think they'll see action until we up the points cost a bit. I'm hoping to also see a mission OTHER than Annihilation so that I have a chance to see how they'll perform against the more mobile Tau when they have an actual opportunity to get out and run around, as it were.

There are also other difficult decisions to be made. Our last game featured the old standby: beer. For the next game, I'm thinking perhaps of vodka, or perhaps something else? I don't know . . . what goes well with Necrons and 40K?

More to come . . .