Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Risking the Map

Mock game in progress

I have printed a temporary map. I want to play test a couple of games and specific mechanics as well as make sure that all the territories are large enough.

One change I noticed immediately, well actually I didn't notice it but everyone else did, that the font I used for the territory names is too hard to read from across the table. I am on the fence about changing the font. What I have now is perfect stylistically, and in game, functionally, one could point to the territories attacking to and from.

In case you do not recognize the components, I will give a run down:

  • Colored army pieces are from the 1993 Risk set
  • Grey city pieces are form the 2008 Risk set
  • White castle/tower is from LOtR Monopoly set
  • Grey castle/keep is from LOtR Monopoly set
  • Ship is from Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life
  • Colored "dome" capitol pieces are from the 2008 Risk set
I bough the 2008 Risk game (still available on store shelves). All the other components were bought off eBay on the cheap except for the Caribbean Life game that I picked up at a thrift store for $1.

Why are maps the most comfortable place for a cat to sleep?

So far everything is looking good. I have enough tokens made to run through a game. Having the map in hand at full scale, I already have a bunch of new ideas that will fine-tune some of my floundering mechanics.

Next step is to assemble all of my notes into something that can be referenced in game and play!