Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Psyker (part 2) **AND** 200th Post!!!

It is quite appropriate that my 200th post is about one of *my* characters--A megalomaniac to boot!!

This is the 3rd version of my Psyker, Nicodemus, for my Dark Heresy campaign. He is the first to enter a room, the first to enter combat and the last to leave. He has bartered, traded, and on occasion, simply took the items he feels are necessary to complete the mission.

There has been little true "conversion" work on this model. But I give the full rundown in part 1 of this project.

At this stage, I have base color and some of the washes down. I chose my colors based on how I paint up my Arbites. All of his equipment (armor) is either of Enforcer or Arbite make. The rest of his gear I wanted to be a bit random about out of place looking to emphasize the hodgepodge collection.

"Nic" has become quite a handful for the other characters--Especially the Cleric! Nicodemus has always thought himself to be special. That is if you can consider always being of less than a year.  He was mind wiped and placed in chrio sleep aboard a Black Ship before being "called up" by our Inquisitor. So all Nic "knows" is being an acolyte and that he once was important enough not to kill in his former life. That self-importance has developed into a full blown god complex!!

What a landmark!! 200 posts (59 in the last 4 months)!! It has taken over 4 years to get here. I am planning on not taking that long for the next 200. Thanks to all my readers, I hope you enjoy what is to come.