Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Psyker

Here is a very WIP shot of the next incarnation (3rd) of my DH character. I have had the pieces assembled for quite a while (ever since my character picked up a shield and a waist coat) but have struggled over the various other details. Originally I had him with his sword in hand and the head slated to be removed ( replaced with the full-face mask helmet now hanging from the back pack).

The figure is a Necromunda Kal Jerico; the back pack is from Secret Weapons; the 2 holsters are from Forge World; the shield is a mk1 Rhino armor plate; the sword is from an older style chaos warrior sprue; tucked away out of sight under the shield arm is a pair of grenades and an inquisitorial shield from the Grey Knights sprue (I think); the helmet is from Wargames Factory; and the "fire ball"/hand is from a Warhammer Quest mini (a Sage?) with crystal ball.

I still need to add pistol grips sticking out of the holsters and build up the flame "fingers" on the fire ball with more liquid greenstuff--I think that will do it for the conversion. The paint scheme will be based on enforcer/arbite colors (medium blues for everything but the coat which will be medium brown) as that is where the armor, helmet, jack coat and shield came from.

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Our tech-priest and scum also have new figures. When I get them all finished, I will post a showcase for each mini and a new group shot.

That's it for this post.