Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 3

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Well, it's time to update our group glamor photo. The last incarnation of our group can be found here. Hmack has completed his mk 2 version of his character, and we have added a new player.

We have just completed rank 5 and will gain our first advances from rank 6 at the end of our next session in 2 weeks. Here is the breakdown of our group:

  • Denathor (Adept) - WH40K IG Master of Ordinance by Zorcon
  • Venris (Cleric) - Converted Necromunda Redemptionist Leader by Zorcon 
  • Kaarl (Tech-Priest) - Custom figure by Adeptus-B
  • Quintillia (Assassin) - Converted Warmachine Eiryss, Angel of Retribution by Hmack
  • Nickodemous (Imperial Psyker) - Converted Dark Age Bane Leader by Zorcon
  • Rel (Scum)  - Converted Dark Age Forsaken Coil by Zorcon
  • Skull Servitor - Skull Servitor by Zorcon

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Future upgrades: I *still* have a Techpriest Enginseer ready to paint for the mk 2 Tech-Priest, but the player has yet to take any mechadendrite advancements!! Plus, I discovered he wont be sporting an Omnisian Axe or a manipulator, so this guy will need to be modified after the player makes his final choices. I am also getting very antsy to make a mk 3 version of my character, but will wait until I get a force sword and better armor.