Monday, March 14, 2011

My Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 2

Here is the group as it was originally formed. We have since lost 2 players due to scheduling conflicts. We will probably reach rank 5 in 2 session.

  • Denathor (Adept) - WH40K IG Master of Ordinance by Zorcon
  • Venris (Cleric) - Converted Necromunda Redemptionist Leader by Zorcon 
  • Kaarl (Tech-Priest) - Custom figure by Adeptus-B
  • Quintillia (Assassin) - Warmachine Captain Kara Sloan by Hmack
  • Nickodemous (Imperial Psyker) - Converted Dark Age Bane Leader by Zorcon
  • Skull Servitor - Skull Servitor by Zorcon

Next upgrades: I have a Techpriest Enginseer ready to paint for the mk 2 Tech-Priest, but the player has yet to take a servo-arm advancement!! Hmack  is already looking for a mk 3 assassin.