Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dark Heresy Scout Vehicle WiP

Almost ready to paint
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This is a scout vehicle for our intrepid throne agents. Our Dark Heresy group was sent to a frontier world equipped with a means to easily get around. I expect we will have 3-4 more sessions on this world.

 It was originally going to be one of my Arbites counts-as Rhinos.
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This is a toy Iron Man car I found at a Dollar Tree store (the green one is a Hulk car).

I didn't like the back end, so I decided to remove it. I used a Dremel tool with a cutting disk.

Cutting off the back end.
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I Decided to remove more. The original back end had a taper that I wanted to get rid of.

Removed the taper.
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I used plasticard and spackling paste to fill in the hole I created. I didn't want a "pick-up" style bed, but more of like a "roof-rack".

Rear shot of the almost complete model.
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