Friday, March 11, 2011

Mutants in a Frontier World Village

In our Dark Heresy campaign, we recently investigated a small village just outside incorporated land on a distant frontier world. We knew through inquiries, that something afoul had occurred in this place. We also suspected that a (now dead) Rogue Trader, that we have been retracing his steps, had visited this place.

The picture above was taken with my phone as my wife had the camera (sorry for the poor quality). I circled where the PC's are located plus there are a number of "mutants" afoot. Following is a retelling of the session...

We made it to our destination (the abandoned village, Crimwell) after 3 overnight stops at small towns. We split room, food and fuel costs (all 5 of us stayed in a single room each night to save money). Very little was discovered until we arrived at the last town. Mostly it was back story, but we did learn a bit of info on the local sheriff and a rich land owner (this will come into play next session).

There was a canal with a neglected dirt bridge that looked very unsafe about a half mile from Crimwell. So we decided to have Quin and Kaarl guard the vehicle, while the rest of us hoofed it to the village. We kept comms open. As we approached Crimwell, we hid in the tree line and sent the servo-skull to scout things out.

After the all-clear, Nic threw on his cameoline cloak, activated his chameleon power and headed out after the servo-skull. He found a "fresh" horse head on a spike at the center of the village. Denathor and Venris came over to check it out.

We scoured the village, and came across a room above the saloon-- it appeared to be a room for rent. On a desk, we found notes that appeared to be an attempt to translate Cowlee (the language the Vermillion Codex is written). Nic stashed the papers in the false bottom of his backpack, and Venris torched the building with his "holy" flamethrower. We heard bestial noises nearby in the woods.

Nic went out after it, with the servo skull leading the way. The servo skull found it first and got whacked-- hard! Nic came upon a humanoid creature smashing the damaged servo skull on the ground. Nic quickly dispatched the creature and ran back to the village with servo skull in hand.

Reinforcements were called in. Kaarl managed to get the truck safely over the canal, and by the time Kaarl and Quin arrived on the scene, more sounds were heard from the woods. Before we could prepare for an assault, we saw 5 humanoid creatures emerge from the woods.

Venris torched two... as well as another building. Nic took out a couple too. One managed to charge Nic and Denathor. Fortunately, Denathor managed to act as a speed bump and allowed Nic to pump 5 shots of dum-dum bullets from his Hecuter pistol.

Nic and Venris advanced towards sounds in the SE side of town. The last creature charged Nic, but the attack was parried. Nic tried to finish the thing off, but found it slow going with being limited to single shots. A shot rang out from the tree line behind us, hitting the creature. Venris advanced and took a shot, missing his target but hitting Nic.

Quin tried to find the shooter in the woods, but before she could find a target, the shotter dropped the last creature.  It turns out the shooter was the sheriff, whom we drove past on the way to Crimwell. We exchanged pleasantries after cautiously approaching each other. He is in cahoots with the rich land owner, but we are unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

We ended the session by taking some boards from a building, bolstered the bridge to make it safe to cross, and followed the sheriff to meet the land owner.