Sunday, March 6, 2011

Resin Bases Review Redux

BioTech Bases-- There are 12 sculpts in the range.
(click on image to enlarge)

These are 25mm BioTech Bases from Micro Art Studio's vast range of bases and figures. I picked them up in late January along with some Iron Brotherhood miniatures. I only picked up the 10 bases and 8 figures-- not enough to make a squad in 40K or a gang in Necromunda. These will be used as future NPC encounters in our Dark Heresy campaign.

Micro Art Studio is a boutique company in Poland. They have a nice looking website, but I found it a little difficult to navigate at first. Once I got my order processed, shipping took 23 day-- more that I expected, but in hind site, it was acceptable.

The bases themselves are great! The bottoms are sanded flat, and there is no flashing. I have not found air bubbles anywhere-- a top notch product all around!! I highly recommend you check out what these guys offer!

I tend to prefer a more flat texture/detail to my bases, but I love the look of these bases. I will be using these bases with the Iron Brotherhood figures. So with 2 extra bases, I should be able to match figure to base without too much hassle.