Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Guardsman

I have put the Heavy Stubber I converted to good use! This is Cordellius Den, the Guardsman of our Dark Heresy group. A former NPC, he is now my son's character (aka Deathbot) . As an NPC, we used him to carry items that would put us over carrying limits, sent him on errands, guard the vehicle or base of operations, and general grunt work. Now as my son's character he will be seeing a little more action.

When we acquired a Heavy Stubber, no one in the group wanted it, so we gave it to Den. At first he wasn't even trained in the weapon, but now he is a fine gunner.

The running pose is not typical for a heavy weapon, but I thought it was appropriate for this character.

Den is still wearing the armor that he was wearing when we met him. He was part of a private security force for a Noble. All the guards wore black armor with ornate gold inlay. To help convey the detail, I used a Tau legs. To achieve the look, I cut the lower half of each leg off below the knee and attached IG boots.

One mistake I made was not gluing the ammo belt on before attaching the arms and gun. The right hand accidentally landed right where I wanted to place the ammo belt! I tried to pop off the arm with the thought of using a different arm/hand and adding a handle coming off the side of the receiver, but no go--I could not get the arm off! Plan B was to attach the ammo belt on the side of the receiver (not under like I wanted). I tried to bend the belt to look like it in effected by gravity, but I couldn't without marring it. So, now we have an ammo belt that is whipping about as Den runs!

I made some further additions to the Heavy Stubber: A targeter, a bi-fold, and replaced an under-slung tube that got cut off the original model.

Because Den has (and likely will) filled "porter" duties, I gave him a large backpack. Finishing off the model, I gave him a side arm. The bit is from the original SM plastic kit.

Oh, I almost forgot. I "painted" on some detail with liquid green stuff on the sole of his boot and on his helmet. I like how it turned out and may add some more ridges.