Monday, July 22, 2013

What's Ahead

Here is a look at what's to come...

Currently, I have 45 posts drafted in different stages--Some have been scheduled, some have outlines, some have opening statements, some have pictures, and other have a title only. This list is not exhaustive either! There are many more topics in the works.

A moment of reflection...
A look back at one of my favorite cats, Patches (93-08)

I plan to continue to publish at least every three days, if not sooner. It amazes me how perfect this pace is for me. I have been easily able to keep up with the schedule. The only snafu was when I didn't get the posts scheduled during a very busy 2 weeks. 

Even if posts are done and ready to go, I tend not to schedule more than 2-3 at a time. This allows me to add in a new topic, or jockey the order to suit what is going on at that time.

As you may have already seen in recent posts (and from the post titles below) I am adding food and beverage topics in the mix. As a stay at home dad and caregiver I make most of the meals at home. A large portion of the way I cook bounces between "semi-home made", "pantry surprise", and the favorite around here "leftover hash". I enjoy the creative outlet from cooking and I have developed some of my own recipes (or kit bashed an existing one).

Here is a teaser of future posts (not in any particular order):
  • Rogue Trader Character Sheet
  • Grey Knight Character Sheet
  • Only War Character Sheet
  • Black Crusade Character Sheet
  • Deathwatch Squad/Solo-Mode Sheet
  • Daemon Record Sheet
  • Restructuring and Rebuilding the Aquamarines (long and pic heavy)
  • Introducing Deathbot
  • Room Deroration
  • Dungeon Dressing part 1
  • Quick Pickled Pepers
  • Quick Cobbler
  • Salsa
  • African Smoke
  • Have Horse, Will Travel part 2
  • Have Horse, Will Travel part 1
  • Giants Among Us
  • Constructing Elementals part 2
  • Constructing Elementals part 1
  • Wagons Ho!
  • Industrial Building II (AKA Necromunda Terrain)
  • Industrial Building I (AKA Necromunda Terrain)
  • Battle Boards
  • WH40K RPG Character Showcase III
  • WH40K RPG Character Showcase II
  • Arvus Lighter Showcase
  • WH40K RPG Character Showcase I
  • Arbites (counts-as) Rhino Showcase
  • Modern/Sci-Fi Vehicles Showcase III
  • Shipping Containers
  • My Son's Invented Soldiers
  • Modern/Sci-Fi Vehicles Showcase II
  • My Deathwatch Kill Team
  • Crate 'n Barrel
  • Large Gothic Church Ruin
  • Resin Vehicles Project pt1
  • Storage Solutions Part 2
  • Beer Brewing 2013
  • Deathwatch Character Showcase - Salamander Apothecary
  • Deathwatch Character Showcase - White Scars Tactical Marine
  • Deathwatch Character Showcase - Space Wolf Tactical Marine
  • Brewing Soda - Cherry Vanilla Cola
  • Deathwatch Character Showcase - Storm Wardens Librarian
  • 40K BatRep - Tau vs Space Marines
  • Cherry Pie Moonshine
As my fingers march towards my 200th post, I am happy with the journey taken. I look forward to developing my writing skills (and thoughts) to continually improve the experience of this site.

Thanks for following!