Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deathwatch Character Showcase - Blood Raven Techmarine

This is the techmarine for our Deathwatch campaign. Pretty straight forward. Only a couple minor mods. Although I did magnetize the entire servo-harness!

I removed the right arm and replaced it with a Grey Knight pointing arm and a Deathwatch shoulder pad. The figure is an older figure and I am using a servo-harness and servo-arms from a newer model (pre-finecast).  The right claw head had to be removed and rotated to look proper in the low-slung position.

The servo-harness has 4 magnetized "hard-points" to allow for optional load-outs and representing character advancement. I glued a small piece of plasticard on the arm of the low-slung servo-arm as the metal bit was a tad too heavy for the magnet to lock it in place. The plasticard "extension" sits against the side wall of the servo-harness and prevents the servo-arm from rotating.