Saturday, July 20, 2013

State of the Pitch

This post should have gone up about a month ago, but I kept pushing it back. We have finished our first season!! Where do we stand? What will happen in season 2?

After botching my fifth game (out of 6) I assumed I wouldn't make the playoffs. But I won my last game and the team ahead of me in the standings lost their last game, propelling me into 2nd place and a post season game!

The bad news was in spades for the Amazon team. They dominated the entire season, but faced me in the last two games, and now had to face me for a third in the playoffs.

We split our first two games--The Amazons handedly winning the first, and my orcs destroying the 'Zons in the next game (causing 3 casualties and 2 deaths by the end of the 5th turn). 

Lord Grimskull withdrew from the match at that point. I don't blame him! But that was my first experience of someone conceding. I have never played in one of the on-line public leagues... where this is apparently common. 

A few days later we set out to the final game of the 1 season. While not as bloody, I continued to crush the Amazons. By the end of the game it was tied 1-1 and the Orcs caused 2 casualties and 1 death. I don't remember if we were in overtime yet, but I was 1 or 2 turns from scoring (to win the game). However, Lord Grimskull decided to concede, and I agreed.

The next day, the way the game ended did not sit as well with me. I even accused my friend of being unsportsmanlike!! I regretted saying that. I also did not know that most of the other players were so unhappy with the "RNG" (random number generator). Again, before playing this season, I was blissfully unaware of such a demon.

We have taken a short break from the league. When (if) we pick up we are taking new teams and starting over--Two teams had taken too many injuries (Amazons and Necromantics), and the Orcs were too far ahead. The Dark Elf player didn't want to be the only experienced team, so we are all playing new teams.

What about my Orcs? Well, I took them into the Auld World League. So far I have played 2 games (Nurgle +200TV over me and Chaos =TV)... lost them both. I took no permanent damage (caused some), earned good SPPs, and took in 110k in prizes. I have enough to buy a back up thrower and goblin, putting me at 15 players, but I plan to play another game or two before I do. I have a Black orc with 2 SPPs and a fractured skull--I might replace him first.