Thursday, July 11, 2013

Retro Models - Aquamarines (pic heavy) evergoing WIP

I have been playing and collecting 40K since 1987 when Rogue Trader first came out. My first Army was Space Marines. I wanted to play a chapter of my own, so I created the Aquamarines, a successor to the Ultramarines--And as typical with me, I still have all of them! They even inspired the colors of this site!!


Some of the very first Space Marines
Over the years, I have painted and repainted my models as my skill improves, my tastes change, or as codex specifications demand. In 2007, I started the most recent overhaul, which included an experiment with computer generated banners.

The middle two of the first row are metal.
The bulk of my force is comprised of the original plastic Space Marine kits, reinforced with the blister pack metal figures of the era. I do have quite a few "newer) plastic marines (from the 2nd-5th WH40K boxed sets) but most are unused or have been gifted to my son.

One of my newest models!

An early attempt at a chapter banner. The banner pole is aluminum rod and is removable from larger tube at the hand for easy storing.

Two tactical sergeants and a command squad sergeant
Here are my "recent" computer generated character banners. All are mounted on aluminum rods and are removable from the backpacks.

Banners removed and a view from the back

Some character models

A better view of their shoulder pads. The servo-arm is removable.

My pride and joy of the army!! Original tanks bough from my FLGS at the time!! Back then, Rhinos came three to a box and Land Raiders came in pairs--Each for $20!!!

The TL Las Canon Sponsons were built with aluminum rod, wires, Zoid toy bitz and Rhino roof hatches. They can rotate over 180°. I dremel'd off the original Land Raider tank treads and attached scale tank treads from a model a friend gave me.

My other original tanks. I also purchased a Predator and a Razorback when the came out. Over the last 10 years I have been collecting RT era tanks off eBay and  my current tank fleet totals 15! (Rhino x7, Land Raider x3, Predator x2, Razorback x3)

I reeeaaallly like Terminators!!! The back row are all "prototypes" that were released before the large box set was available. In modernizing the old figs, I glued the 25mm base to a 40mm base and then pulled the arms from the body a bit so they have a larger "foot print" This makes them similar in height and breadth to newer models.