Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 9 (Game 7) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

This counts as a make up game for missing round 2 of the league, and was played out of order, before my round 8 game.

This is the same Human coach that I played in my first game (round 3). However, in that game the coach conceded in the second half and decided to disband his team afterwards. So this is a different team than the one I played before. In this game he brought an Ogre and 3 Blitzers. He also had 2 Journeymen due to 3 deaths in his previous game vs Orcs. There was a 500k Team Value deficit, allowing the Human coach to purchase arguably(?) the best Star Player, Morg 'n Thorg and a Bloodwieser Keg.

I kick deep, with the ball landing 1 square from the left back corner square almost in the opponent's endzone. (I love the kick skill!). But again the game starts with a High Kick and the Human coach puts Morn 'n Thorg (ST6/AG3) under the ball. Morg is a beast. He Blitzes 2 consecutive turns through my defenders ending up in scoring distance. The opposing coach is overly confidant with the Star Player and didn't realize what skills my Minotaur, Djun'Jar had. On my turn I put three players on Morg. Then I Blitz across the field with my Mino--Using Break Tackle, ST5, Horns, 2 assists, and Juggernaught, KO'ing Morg on the second block. My Hobgoblin with Sure Hands grabs the ball and hands it off to another Hobgoblin, who gets to the other side of the field just past the line of scrimmage. I score in 2 turns.

Morg does not recover from the KO box. I set up strong to the left with both Bull Centaurs and Mino in and along the wide zone with the plan of kicking short and steeling the ball. My opponent does not pick up on this and shies away from my big guys and sets most of his team up deep (expecting me to kick deep again). The kick goes favorably, landing a square from the line of scrimmage. Rolling on the Kick-Off Table, we get change of weather which results in Perfect Weather--Causing the ball to bounce an additional square. Not wanting a touch back, I sweated it out rolling the scatter die twice, but in the end the ball landed legally. The only Human player in range of the ball had to dodge away from my Chaos Dwarf along the line of scrimmage. In an oversight, my opponent went for the dodge before advancing the players deep down field. He failed the dodge. On my turn, I counted out the squares and ran a cage down field with a Bull Centaur in the middle set to receive a hand-off (I wanted him to score for the XP), a Hobgoblin picked up the ball, ran into the cage, but failed the hand off. I was still in very good shape. The humans tried unsuccessfully to break my defenses and I again advanced the cage with the Bull Centaur in the middle down field a few more paces. My Hobgoblin picks up the ball and attempts a hand-off, but fails. I have KO'd and Stunned most of the Human team, and they aren't able to put up a defense. So I again advance the cage and Bull Centaur. This is my turn 7. I am able to place the Bull Centaur in the endzone and single or double mark the remaining Human players. Again my Hobgoblin picks up the ball, runs down to the Bull Centaur and fails the hand off. There is nothing the Human player can do to stop me, so he takes all the blocks he can throw. On my turn 8, I decide not to risk it and have the Hobgoblin pick up the ball and step in the endzone. The half ends 2-0.

The second half begins. Morg comes back, but there are 3 other Human players still KO'd. He kicks off to me mid field, and I gain a re-roll. I can tell the opposing coach is a little upset with how dominant my Minotaur was. So I decide to help him out a little bit by suggesting better choices on his turn. Essentially, I shut myself down and did not score--Although he did not get the ball from me either. By the time the game ended he was in a much better mood.

Round 2 (Make-up): Won vs Humans; Points: 2-0; Casualties 0-1

With one game to play, I have locked up 2nd place, and if I win my next game, I will be 1 point behind 1st place. However, win or loose I will be playing the Undead in the finals on Thursday 4/20. Both myself and the Lizardman team are waiting on a Round 7 game to be played (Ogres vs Skaven). I will be playing the Ogre team either this week or next. Here are the current top three team's league standings:

Name                          PTS   TV  CAS  W L D GF GA
Dead Henchmen           22   1460   20     7  0  1   15   6
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks  18   1600   13     6  1  0   10   4
Black Pool Dragons      13   1580   13     4  2  1   15   7