Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 2 Round 1 AAR

Season 2 of the 2017 Ordo Bowl has started! My Super League Championship team, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks has moved up to the Premiership League. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to play the Premiership League Champion at the end of last season. Nevertheless, I am stoked to play! Another bit of exciting news, my son Deathbot has decided to play Blood Bowl, and has joined the Super League. So I started a second team and am also playing in the Super League with Deathbot.

This season there are 14 teams in the veteran league (with 5 teams re-drafted) and 10 teams in the introduction league (with 1 team re-drafted). We used the new re-drafting rules in Deathzone 1. For the most part things went smooth except the league commissioners overlooked a rule requiring re-rolls to be re-purchased, so all the re-drafted teams got least season's re-rolls for free. However, I calculated my team correctly and paid for my re-rolls (loosing 2 in the process). After my first game I was given the 2 re-rolls back.

My battle reports from last season were quite lengthy. With me running two teams plus Deathbot's team, I won't be writing a detailed BatRep for all of our games. But I will try to write up a short combined After Action Report after each round.

Zorcon's Premiership Game 1
Zharr'Thrak Seahawks (Chaos Dwarves) vs Fungis Amongis (Orcs)

I may regret re-drafting my team. I gave up 570k in inducements to my opponent in this first game. With that, he bought 2 Star Players--Ripper Bolgrot (troll) and Bomber Dribblesnot (goblin bombardier) for 330k, plus 2 Bloodwieser Kegs and a re-roll for another 200k.

Dice were not my friend this game. Nuffle was punishing me! I couldn't break armor the entire game, and by turn three my Minotaur and a Bull Centaur was KO'd. I played the entire back 3/4 of the game with 8 or less players.

On turn 8, the Orc player needed to throw a 2-die block for a TD but rolled double skulls (no re-rolls). Maybe Nuffle was done punishing me. Nope! The second half opens with me receiving. The Orc player sets up deep, sacrificing 3 lineorcs to the line of scrimmage. I set up aggressive and strong to my left. I choose to grab the ball with my Sure Hands Hobgoblin first thing, but fail both pick-up rolls. The orcs have a hey-day pummeling my front line. I never get the ball past the line of scrimmage. The orcs get the ball mid-half, and for 3 turns I manage to blitz the ball carrier, delaying my opponent from scoring. On turn 16, he needs a 2-die block and a pick-up to score, and unfortunately he did.

Orcs win 1-0. Casualties results the same 1-0 Orcs favor. My apothecary was put into service saving a Bull Centaur from dying. It was a frustrating game, but that is Blood Bowl. Re-group and forge on.

Zorcon's Super League Game 1
Paravon City Chiefs (Vampires) vs WWF Hall of Maim (Chaos Chosen)

I was looking forward to trying out my new Vampire team. I have never played Vampire's before and expect this season will be a challenge. My team consisted of 3 Vampires, 8 Thralls and 5 Re-Rolls. The Chaos team has 4 Chaos Warriors, 7 Beastmen, and 3 Re-Rolls,

Nuffle was still punishing me this game. I kicked off and got a Blitz. My first activation was a Vampire--I failed the Blood Lust roll, failed the Re-Roll, and Badly Hurt the Thrall that was bitten. On the Hall of Maim's first turn, he Badly Hurt a Thrall, KO'd 2 Thralls and a Vampire! That is how the entire game went.

The Chaos team scored on turn 6 and I only had 3 players on the field. I got 2 back from the KO box at the next Kick-Off, and from that point on, I never had more than 5 guys on the pitch. Mid way through the second half, I was down to 1 player. After getting scored on again, I managed to get back 4 players. If I ever had less than 3 players for a kick off I planned on conceding, but that never happened. After the Chaos' third TD, I could only field 3 players.

Chaos wins 3-0. The Chaos player racks up 4 Casualties (plus my self inflicted injury). My AV 7 Thralls took a beating--They spent more time in the KO box than the game, plus 3 Badly Hurt, 1 Kill and 1 Miss Next Game.

Deathbot's Super League Game 1
New Orclean Saints (Orcs) vs Grim Dregga Purple (Orcs)

Deathbot's first league game was more exciting than both of my games. At one point, he had stunned nearly every opposing player on the pitch. I did hear from a nearby coach that Deathbot needs to work on setting up 2-die blocks--He takes too many unnecessary 1-die blocks.

The teams were slightly different. The Grim Dregga ran 2 Llineorcs, a Thrower, 4 Black Orcs, and 4 Blitzers. While Deathbot's New Oreleans Saints traded a Black Orc and a Blitzer for a Goblin and a Troll.

In the first half, Deathbot pulled off a 1-turn score by throwing his goblin, tying the game 1-1. But he couldn't hold off the opposing orcs, and they scored again in the second half.

Game ends 2-1 Grim Dregga Purple. Deathbot caused the only casualty (a Badly Hurt Blitzer), and threw 2 Completions, while the opposing team threw 1 Completion and an Interception.