Friday, June 30, 2017

Zharr'Thrak Seahawks Showcase

The OBBL 2017 Super League Season 1 Champions, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks. 

Every figure on this team except 2 has been converted from WHFB and WH40K models.

Except for the hobgoblins, I have added number plates to the back of all the players.

The Hobgoblins are converted from 2e WH40K Orc bodies with lightly modified Night Goblin heads.

Four of he Chaos Dwarves are converted from WHFB Chaos Dwarves. The other two are 3e Blood Bowl minis.

The claw is a cut-down Genesteeler claw magnetized to the outside of the Chaos Dwarf's gauntlet. It is a really simple add-on conversion. Since the models are uni-body, I decided it was too dificult to magnetize the entire arm.

The Big Guys. All three have been lightly converted from 90's era WHFB figures. Besides cuttong off weapons and adding number plates to the backs, I added shoulder pads to the Minotaur in the form of berral halves.

A close up of the team's most valuable player, Djun'Jar Jaggedhorns. He was the team's leading leg breaker with 7 casualties in 9 games. I added the blood and gore mid-season to reflect his viciousness.

The team's staff (from left to right): Cheerleader, Apothecary, Cheerleader, Assistant Coach, Coach, Assistant Coach. All of these miniatures were converted from 90s era WHFB models--Mostly command and artillery pieces.

Lastly, the team's logo.