Monday, July 3, 2017

Ordo Bowl 2017 Blood Bowl Tournament AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In March of this year, I partisipated in a Ordo Fanaticus Blood Bowl tournament. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after the event. I am re-posting it to this blog. --Zorcon]

These recaps are going to be much lighter than my previous post game reports. Details of six games in 2 days is just way too much to keep in my head. I did keep track of stats and significant events though. After the game recaps, I have all my team stats and a breakdown of total and average points/casualties.

This was a Swiss-style resurrection tournament, with a slightly larger starting Team Value (1.1 million gp, instead of 1 million gp) and a 6-skill bonus package (where 2 skills could be traded in for a “double” skill). There were 26 teams, 3 of which were “stunties” (including my team).

I went into this tournament not expecting to win many (or any) games. The team was meant to be a fun list and I think it succeed in that. My goals for the tournament were to win either the Stunty Cup (most points of all Stunty teams), or one of the 2 painting competitions (the judged technical “Best Team” award, or the fan favorite “Player's Choice” award).


Game 1 – Khemri

Thrown Rock kills Star Player with Ball and Chain at Kick off on turn 0. The regular Ball and Chain player fails two 2+ rolls on turn 1, causing early Turnover and going to KO box, where he does not return to the game. Essentially starting the game without my 2 strongest guys against an incredibly strong and tough team. Dice rolls were terrible for most of the first half.

Loose 0-3; Total Casualties: 8 (0 for me; 8 for opponent)

Game 2 – Chaos

Bad dice rolls prevented 2 scoring opportunities. The most damaging was a Troll failing the Always Hungry roll (a 2+ roll) 2 consecutive turns in a row, eating (and killing) 2 Goblins, both holding the ball. 

Loose 0-2; Total Casualties: 6 (3 for me; 3 for opponent)

Game 3 – Orcs

A very fast paced game in which I could have tied or won if not for being down to 4 players mid way through the second half. In one 3 turn interval, I scored, my opponent scored, and then I scored by throwing a Goblln for a 1-turn TD. I earned 3 bonus Re-Rolls due to having +2 Fame.

Loose 3-4; Total Casualties: 5 (3 for me; 2 for opponent)

Game 4 – Goblins

The 2 Goblin teams go head to head. My opponent forwent 2 Trolls in favor of a 16-man team with 3 Bribes, 3 Re-Rolls and more Secret Weapons. Even though I killed his Troll early and my 3 Trolls were making lots of KO's, my opponent's superior numbers, bribes and re-rolls paid off. My TD was from throwing a Goblin, and I would have tied the game with another thrown Goblin on turn 16, but he didn't stick the landing.

Loose 1-2; Total Casualties: 8 (4 for me; 4 for opponent)


Game 5 –  Dwarves

I opened the game by failing a 2+ roll (with Re-Roll) causing an early Turnover. Same thing happened on turn 2. I was unable to recover and my opponent scored quickly. This caused me to spend all my Bribes to keep my Secret Weapons in-play early in the First Half. Down 1-2, my opponent stopped 1 square from the Endzone and stayed there for for 6 turns, preventing me from getting the ball back in the second half. At that point I only had 2 Trolls and 2 Goblins and his entire team was swarmed around me—I couldn't figure out how to get out of it.

Loose 1-3 Total Casualties: 3 (1 for me; 2 for opponent)

Game 6 –  Lizardmen

My opponent received the Kick-Off and on his first turn threw a 2-die, my-choice block against both of my Ball and Chain players, with both resulting in a KO. That left me on my turn 1 down significantly in strength. My Star Player Troll blitzes his Star Player Lizardman and kills him. My next move was a 2+ re-rollable Dodge to allow a Troll to make a 2-die Block, but I rolled two “1's” in a roll. The skinks blew through my wide open weak side and held the ball at the endzone until turn 8, causing all my Secret Weapons to get ejected after my turn 8. I had an opportunity to tie the game on turn 16, by tossing a Goblin, but he did not stick the landing (4+ roll).

Loose 1-2; Total Casualties: 7 (4 for me; 3 for opponent)


Team Abilities: Re-Rolls - 1 /  Fan Factor - 2  / Bribes – 2

Total TDs in 6 Games: 22 (6 for me; 16 for opponents)
Average TDs per Game: 3.6 (1 for me; 2.6 for opponents)

Total Casualties in 6 Games: 37 (15 for me; 22 for opponents); This also reflects team casualties (not caused by a player):  7 (3 for me; 4 for opponents)
Average Casualties per Game: 6.1 (2.5 for me; 3.6 for opponents)

To make the list more competitive, I think I would have not taken Fungus the Loon Star Player, in favor of more Goblins, an additional Bribe, and/or an additional Re-Roll. I consistently lost the Secret weapons too quickly, usually going into the second half with 4 ejected players plus injuries (running 6-7 players at best through the second half. With more players, I could reserve 2 of the Secret Weapons. With 3 Bribes I could keep one of the secret weapons in the game longer. I burned my only re-roll on turn 1 to prevent (or fail at preventing) a Turnover on at least 3 occasions, so an additional Re-Roll would have been helpful too.

Even loosing all six games, I had a blast! What a great bunch of guys and a huge learning experience. Even though I have played in many Magic: the Gathering tournaments, this tournament was different--While it was a very competitive environment, it was friendly, and even relaxing. I never felt stressed out or nervous. I did have some game one jitters, but they went away quickly.

I mentioned a number of times above that I had bad rolls. I don't mean to say they were the reason I lost, but in most of my games, my opponent was cringing on my behalf and apologizing for how badly the dice were treating me. Two opponents even offered to switch dice with me—I should have accepted! A quote (on Facebook) from my first opponent: "John's dice seemed to have a personal grudge against him." It was pretty ludicrous at times.

One more thing I forgot to mention. I won a favorite opponent pin from the Orc coach (everyone got to give one away). I gave mine to my first opponent--The Khemri coach. He bought me a tournament-noob/I-just-destroyed-you consolation beer. But more importantly (to me), he came up to me after every game to see how I was doing. Oh, yeah, I also won the Player's Choice Award for best looking team! :D