Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blood Bowl Inducements WIP

Another short post today about Blood Bowl. This time, we have WIP of all the figures I use for Inducements (although some of these are finished). None of these miniatures are necessary for game play, but occasionally they do help remind the coaches. Plus I love how they look on the sidelines.

I have tried to create enough to represent the maximum allowed for both teams. I have also tried to use only GW models, but there are a few exceptions.

Wandering Apothecary: A variety of era bits from the earliest plastics GW made, to more recent kits. Here we have a Goblin, Orc, Human, and Elf representing both "good" and "evil" races.

Igor: The wandering apothecary for the undead represented by vintage WHFB figures.

Halfling Master Chef: A pair of Halfling Master Cfefs from Meiko Miniatures and GW.

Wizard: A couple refugees from Basic Heroqust representing a :good" and "evil" mage.

Bloodweiser Keg (formerly known as Babe): Here we have 4 plastic barrels from Perry Miniatures with a little color laser printed branding.

Bribe: The 2 Humans and Dwarf are 2e Blood Bowl figures. The Goblin is from Impact Miniatures, and the Halfling is an old WHFB miniature. I would like at least 3 more models as it is possible to earn extra Bribes through the Kick-Off table.