Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blind River Ravens Showcase

I painted this team specifically for the Ordo Bowl 2017 Blood Bowl Tournament. In hindsight I made a poor list, which helped lead me to loosing every game. All was not lost however, as I did take the Player's Choice award.

The entire team plus inducements and gubbins as it appeared at the tournament.

Back Row (left to right): 3 Refferees, Stupid Marker, Toll, Ripper Bildgerot, Troll, Stupid Marker, Turn and Score Markers.

Middle Row (left to right): Coach, 5 Goblins, 2 Re-Roll Coins

Front Row (left to right):   Fungus the Loon, Looney, Bombadier, Fanatic

Bottom Center (left to right):  Spikey Ball, Bomb Marker

The Stupid Markers are hand painted foam clouds attached to a magnetized Night Goblin mushroom.

The Bombadier is a converted Goblin Archer. The bomb is a bead, the match and wick are made of wire, and the match head and flame are made of hot glue. I also made a bomb marker similar to the one the Bombadier is holding.

I found this book box at a local thrift store. It was originally a box for a puzzle. I designed the cover in Photoshop, printed on standard 11" x 17"copy paper, and then affixed the new cover with spray adhesive.

The inside of the box. It held everything I needed at the event: Dice, tokens/markers, balls, pencil, glue and the entire team. I cut the edges of the facing so that it would lie flat. During the game it functioned as a pseudo dugout.

The team logo was not at all inspired by it's NFL progenitor. But instead it came to me while painting the team.

Post tournament celebrations.