Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blood Bowl by the Numbers

This post covers my guidelines for jersey numbers that I use with my Blood Bowl teams. Since Blood Bowl is loosely based on American Football, I was inspired by the NFL's numbering system. However, I took some liberties, and my system is not as strict.

Image taken from interwebs without permission.

Unlike the NFL, each Blood Bowl team is comprised of a different selection of positions. So I couldn't implement a static universal system. Instead, I came up with guidelines that could be applied to any team. Following is a general breakdown of the system I use to number players.

Number Ranges
Secret Weapons16-19
Big Guys22-25
Star Players26+

The above example is just a guideline. In practice, there would never be an overlap of numbers between positions. In fact, there are only 4 rules I follow.

  1. Linemen are numbered starting from 1
  2. After Linemen, the positions are sorted in order by cost/toughness
  3. Big Guys are always numbered backwards from 25
  4. Star Players are numbered sequentially starting from 26

Some teams will have gaps in the numbering, and other teams will use the majority of numbers, depending on how many positions and total number of possible players. The less common positions not listed above are sorted according to the rules above. Here is an example of how I number an Orc team.

Number Ranges
Lineorcs 01-10
Goblins                  11-14
Throwers 15-16
Blitzers 17-20
Blockers 21-24
Big Guys 25
Star Players 26+

Numbering your teams in this fashion will not only add to the sports ambiance, using this system groups each position into a block of numbers that helps with identifying players.