Monday, July 24, 2017

Blood Bowl Progress Chart

Did I ever mention I love charts! They help me organize data, rules and ideas. Thanks to Admiral Drax, I also use them to track painting and modeling progress for my miniature games.

The last time I posted a Blood Bowl Progress chart was about 4 years ago. At that point my teams were based on the Living Rulebook v3, and had not been updated to the current rules of the day, the Living Rulebook v6/CRP. Back then, I only had 15 teams, and grouped Star Players with a pre-designated team.

My teams currently reflect the rosters from the CRP, plus the NAF sanctioned teams, and the 2016 rules. Star players are now separate, and I have 7 new teams in various stages completeness--The majority of witch were scratch-built with models and bitz I already had. 

I am currently working on a Khemri team for an upcoming tournament After that, I will resurrect the Human team after 4 layers of paint--Primer, 2 layers of paint, and another layer of primer. This time I plan on stripping the figures instead of adding a 5th layer of paint.

I had a little fun here. I organized all of my teams into Old Warhammer World inspired conferences. The teams names in white text on black background are at least table top standard or better. The team names in black text over white background have all of the miniatures built in various stages of paint. The remaining teams in grey text are in different stages of collected and/or built.