Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Tech Priest

Well, I'm not sure this figure constitutes as a conversion, but there is some custom work. This is the v2 of Kaarl, the Techpriest for our Dark Heresy cell of Acolytes.

I was going to say the pictures make the gold look too orange, but after comparing the model and the pics, it is in fact really orange! I have also now noticed that the edge lining, especially on the lasgun, are too thick... oh well!

The primary "conversion" on this model is the hands. Well, hand actually--Because one hand came unattached! (the other one was sawed of with a hobby saw) Both of the added hands are taken from different [older] Space Marine sets. One hand has an auspex and the other has a Forge World lasgun (that I see is no longer available!)

The Ballistic Mechadendrite is from a Necromunda Spryer Patriarch's servo-arm. I drilled a hole the size of the tubing and glued it with out pinning.

Kaarl recently liberated a Needle Gun from a worthless heretic. Since I was in the process of finishing the model, I decided to add the weapon. The shoulder mounted weapon was attached by a small rod--It's not terrible creative, but functional. I made the gun with cut-down and upside-down old-skool Dark Eldar splinter rifle with a Chaos spike bit on the end.

I hand painted the Techpriest markings on the robes and hood. I am really pleased with how they turned out!

I was a little anxious to publish this post and took the pictured before the base was complete. The base is a very simple creation. I found 20mm round brass screens (for pluming/faucets I think) on Amazon. Thgen glued one to the top of a standard 25mm round base and painted it brass.

The figure is really dynamic on the table with all the guns pointing in towards an unseen target. Hope you like it!