Friday, May 3, 2013

Buildings WIP (pic heavy)

Here is a rundown of some buildings that I have in progress and nearing completion. 

First up is a medium sized (3x3) church. All of the walls (and some of the exterior elements) are from the Pegasus Gothic City Building sets. I have one of each set and made this building another building below, and a large (3x5) ruin that I will discuss in another post.

Here is a rundown of the primary components used in the build:
  1. The roof "cap" is made from cedar doll house roof shingles.
  2. A Cornice Piece from Litko Game Accessories.
  3. The column toppers are pen needle caps.
  4. The roof framing is made from balsa wood and styrene strips.
  5. The roof is sheet styrene with ridges.
  6. The top adornment are fencing from the Chaos Vehicle Upgrade sprue.

I built a framework for the roof panels to allow them to be easily removed. The roof panels have a lip at the bottom and straddle the lower ridge and then fit snugly into the framing.

This building turned out great--especially the roof. I still have some detail bits to add to the exterior and I have a rough plan to detail the interior, but want it to be modular.

Next up is another building made primarily of Pegasus Gothic City Building sets. This small (2x2) building can be used as a church or almost any gothic building.

The roof railings on both levels are from one of the GW building kits as are the small buttresses surrounding the building. I only needed to do some minor filing for the buttresses to fit, but there was a fair amount of sawing and filing to get the railings to perfectly span the distance without any posts.

I designed the building to be modular. The large buttresses are easily removed from the top level, and the two floors can be used separately.

The roofs are also removable allowing interior action to commence!

This building was a complete afterthought! I originally made the top floor to be used as a mausoleum in my huge graveyard project and needed a last minute larger building for a Dark Heresy encounter. 

Now this piece is a little strange, and it falls into found objects category! It isn't really a building either--It's a base to put a building on. I found this at a local thrift store. It is one half of the case for the movie version of the game Battleship (a game based on a movie based on a game... hrm!)

Taken from interwebs without permission

I removed a large panel that was cardboard and replaced it with a floor made from Pegasus Hobbies Syberclicks Set. There were some areas that had to be covered with plasticard where the handle was removed.

This was a really quick and simple piece that has a variety of uses. Up first, this will be used as an island in our Dark Heresy campaign. We are in a Imperial City that has more canals than roads!

Here is another building/mausoleum for use in my graveyard project. I used GW Imperial Building components as the core of this model. On two sides I skimped and only used one wall tile, filling the remaining wall with plasticard. The roof railing is from Pegasus Hobbies Hexagon Construction Set

That's about all I have to show for now, hope you like these!