Sunday, May 19, 2013

10... The Magic Number

My son Marcus turns 10 today. He recently got a hold of my camera when I wasn't looking and had a little fun. Following are a few select shots!

This is our cat Onyx sitting in the middle of an epic battle of my son's creation. We had Tau, Dark Eldar, and Genesteelers trying to take over an Imperial City. The Deathwatch were sent in to rescue the citizens. Marcus created the scenario and was also the "GM". I could see the influence of his video game exposure--He had power and level ups throughout the board and specific characters to talk to that gave out mini missions!! It was a blast watching him build this world and take me through it. So proud he is enjoying my hobby.

Marcus also got another chance to sit at the "big kids" table with my crew on game night. He played in the last session 2 weeks ago and did very well--He is now a permanent member of our Deathwatch campaign!

Over the last few weeks my son and I also got in his first games of Axis and Allies and Samurai Swords (both 80's MB games). He really enjoyed them,s and I look forward to future games! Maybe we will get some gaming in this weekend!!

Lastly, for his birthday, Marcus asked me if he could sing with our band! My mates loved the idea! We will throw a BBQ in my backyard to showcase the event! I can't wait to brag, er, I mean post about it at a later time!