Monday, May 27, 2013

Dark Heresy Encounters - Showcase

I am posting these images on behalf of Adeptus-B. 


Below is a quick photobomb of some minis Adeptus-B did for our Dark Heresy campaign.

Religious toys from a gumball machine
These four figures were originally little toys that Adeptus-B added Imperial bitz to turning them into statues. He did a great job--These look impressive in person!

Warp Spawn
A big warp beastie we had to fight--Don't recall if we ever figured out what it was. I believe all the bitz are from the Chaos Spawn sprue.

Warp Spiders
No conversions here, just repurposed Goblin Spider Riders. We had to fight a number of these things, but never more than two at a time!! :D

Flying Face Eaters
These warp creatures were made from paper and bitz from a craft store. It was a shock when he pulled these things out! They all have the underside "mouth" detail.

Zombified IG/Ship Crew

Finally, here is a small horde of zombies... with some IG bitz here and there.

Thanks for looking. More to come soon!