Friday, May 24, 2013

Ork Boar Riders WIP

Here is a project I started probably about 6-8 years ago. No big surprise--Typical around here!! These are counts-as Orc Boar Riders. While my first foray into the world of GW was WHFB 1st edition, the game never took off with our group. There were a few of us that played on the rare occasion, but that became less and less over the years. I like FB, but my group's gaming time is limited and falls to about 90% RPGs and 9% board/card games. The one percent typically would be Blood Bowl or Necromunda. So not much chance of a FB game!! Directly because of that, the most current FB books I only own the 6th edition Core Rules and the 4th edition Orc Armies book!

Because I rarely play FB, any models I build/paint *must* pull double duty in an RPG function--Weather PC, NPC, Mob, or Boss. Because I have a ton of orcs from other sources, the orcs in the Orc Warriors Regiment box could be put to alternate uses. So, they were used in this project.

The "boars" are a Marvel Heroclix Lockjaw. For awhile I ran an eBay store selling Heroclix, D&D, Star Wars, and Axis and Allies Miniatures. I ended up with a ton of these guys in inventory!  

I believe I have used a mix of Space Ork and Orc Warrior parts. In hind sight I wish I new about magnetizing when I started building these models--Maybe I could have also made alt bodies for counts-as Warbikes? Eh, it would have required different bases too.

Most of the legs were cut apart and then I added greenstuff to fill in the gaps and missing areas. I chose not to sculpt saddles as I was not confidant with my sculpting skills, but in hind sight this would have been a perfect project to build those skills up!

I think this unit will look great when completed!