Monday, May 6, 2013

Blood Bowl League Batrep Day 3 - Dark Elves vs Amazons

Lord Grimskull has written a Batrep for his recent Blood Bowl game...


Elves vs Ladies Part Duex

So I entered this game a little wizened by my experience with [Draxar], most notably that while I love to play the Zons bashy they are still pretty frail and that I need to take this into account.

We flipped and [Wintervoid] won the toss and opted for me to kick off. I setup in a standard array, blitzers on the sides, linewomen setup for optimum 2 roll blocks, and my catcher deep just in case. [Wintervoid] setup accordingly, putting some space on his left (my right) and putting a blitzer and his witch there (I'd have to try to blitz that, forget it) and a good spacing to combat my lineup.

So boom, the kick! I get a chance to reset my line up, and not paying attention to where the ball is going I send my catcher up to the line to help begin my elf bashing wall.  Well, I should have paid some attention, because the ball sailed right into the hands of his receiver  maybe 3 squares from the line on the left side, no need to pickup and in good position... crap.

Next his first block he throws in the game dumps one of my left side blitzers, not just down but an injury first block of the game, and now there's a growing hole on my left side. Not a particularly good looking start for me but it's still early.

There's some fighting as we maneuver to the left that ends in catastrophe for me when one of my blitzer throws a double skull block, rerolls, and double skulls again opening up my left side completely uncontested as his witch strides down field and eventually for a touchdown. All this in the first two or maybe three turns of play.. I could tell it was gonna be a rough game.

The rest of the first half is a slow, slow crawl for me to score, getting it finally on the last turn in the half. It was a sludge fight with players on both sides getting hit hard and me finally having to push portions of his team off the pitch entirely to actually gain any maneuvering space. [Wintervoid] on 3 occasions had knocked the ball out of my hands and I think by turn 4 or 5 I had burned all 4 of my rerolls just to try to stay in the game.

The second half started and as the dust cleared though it was evident that of the two teams mine had taken a significantly less bashing than [Wintervoid]s as I'm able to field a full 11 and he's down to 8. Initially as I setup to kick off I throw all my meat on his right side, a ploy I hoped would drain most of his resource and distract him as I clicked to kick deep left. While he did adequately prepare for a bull rush on the right side of the field he still manage to field enough coverage to have men in the right places.

The kick! another doozie, I'm seeing a pattern with zon kicking! he gets to move 1 square on the kick and adjust accordingly, now there's a lineman on the line with my women, with only 1 tackle zone. the ball flies waaaay out of bounds, and is thus given to the nearest dude, the darned lineman. Panicked as now I see he has a straight line to my endzone on a MV7 vs my team of MV6s and he has 4 ag.... As he moved his guy nearly to the edge of his running distance I freaked and began monitoring the movements of every zon on my team. I could see that with just enough Oomph I had 4 or 5 zons who could both position and give one a chance to 2 dice blitz (but none in ranger were blitzers x-X) I could tell [Wintervoid] knew this, as with his limited resources he began tackle zoning all my options. I got a lucky break when he couldn't get away from a tackle zone which limited the number of zons he could lock up.

So after gauging who was the best choice I setup for the blitz, the first linewoman made it safely, but the blitzer... I don't know I click blitz but it must have been a "go for it" move or something because the moment she hit him she just dropped, turn over. My heart sank, I knew there was nothing I could do to stop this elf who was mere squares away from my endzone.

Suddenly! before I was even really aware I heard the buzz of a turn over. Somehow the ball handler had taken a spill and turned over the ball! I was flummoxed but quickly moved folks into position, the shear number of zons giving me plenty of wiggle space to setup a box around the ball and pick it up. The rest of the game was a slow crawl back up field. At this point the Elves were down to just 7 and even with some amazing placement which stalled out my ability to drive up field I just had too many zons for him to do anything to get the ball back.

The take away: I don't know what happened tonight, it seemed like even with AV8 my zons were really putting some hurt on his elves. I did some more passing this game because I didn't feel safe just running the ball up field, and especially with how well [Wintervoid] was positioning and blitzing. I think he had one blitzer actually get dodges through 3 tackle zones in 1 turn.


The final score was 1-2 in favor of the Amazons. I looked over the match record and noticed that the Dark Elves sustained 6 Stuns, 8 KOs, and 1 casualty while the Amazons only sustained 1 KO--These are some tough ladies! I am really looking forward to playing them... My Orcs play the 'Zons in back to back games on the last two games of the regular season.