Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blood Bowl League Batrep Day 4 - Orcs vs Dark Elves

Orcs vs Dark Elves II

The rematch of my Orcs vs Wintervoid's Dark Elves was played today. I was confidant going into this game as the first go around was a 4-0 blow out--Although I did sustain 2 deaths in that match. For this game my goal was to:

  • Punch, punch hard, and punch often (as all Orc teams should). 
  • Keep in mind the speed of the Dark Elves--While they aren't the fastest team out there, they are the fastest team in our league and much faster then the computer opponents the Orcs always seem to face.
  • Start on defense (If I have the choice) as I am usually better at it, and it gives me time to widdle down the opponent for a second half player advantage.
  • I chose not to buy a 12th player. I had 60k in the bank saving for my 3rd re-roll.

With that, on to the game...

First Half:

I set up with the troll and 2 black orcs on the line of scrimmage and everyone else deep, double covering TZs as tightly as possible. I rolled Perfect Defense on the kick-off and moved the three on the center line to my right in order to square up against his elves. The kick went deep and bodies crashed. I easily knocked down the elves, but none were going off the pitch. I lost my +1 MA Blitzer and was quickly down a player. Wintervoid moved to my right which is now the week side and after knocking down most of his guys I made a throw away 1 die block and failed. This unexpectedly left a bigger whole on my right.

The elves poured down the right side of the pitch, but I managed to crash in and knock down ball carrier (a Runner) and knocked down the deep Line-elf. But I was not able to get to the ball. I was in position to out number Wintervoid on my next turn and start my drive down the pitch.... However he made a beautiful (and lucky) play! His Runner dodged out of a TZ, dodged into the space where the ball was, pick it up, dodge out, dodge again and throw the ball to the Line-Elf, who ran it is for a TD!

OK, not what I expected, but I still have 4 turns to tie the game before half. I set up and realized I was still down a player. So I set up strong to my left and as expected, Wintervoid kicks right. I throw a few blocks and position defensively before running my Thrower up (with a GFI) to get the ball (which requires my last re-roll). He is a little more out in the open than I would like, so I throw 3 squares to my +1 AG Blitzer... Failed Catch! Wintervoid failed to get the ball and I manage to get the ball and my guys to the left of the field and march down. We spend a couple of turns ramming into each other and I suddenly find myself down to 9 players!  On my turn 7, my ball carrier is 13 squares away from the endzone. I block hard and manage to get almost every elf down that is near the ball. My Blitzer needs to blitz the last standing elf to make a run down field. He makes it and I figure it would be better to GFI now as it will put me farther away from the Dark Elves. The bad news is I failed the roll, the good news is Wintervoid couldn't get to me, the bad news is now I can't reach the endzone. I tried a far fetched play to have the troll throw the goblin near the ball and then pick up to score, but that plan ended on the first attempt to block an Dark Elf. End of the half, 0-1.

Second Half:

None of my orcs recovered from KOs, and I am lining up 9 orcs vs a full team. I set up strong to the left again, leaving a Blitzer and a Thrower to cover the weak side. The kickoff result was Blitz! Wintervoid went deep getting at least 2-on-1 coverage on both my weak side players. He blitzed and KOd another Blitzer leaving me with 8 players before I even started the second half! Luckily it was a touchback, so I placed the ball in the hands of my last Blitzer with 4 Black Orcs as a running wall.

I decided to push it hard and go for a quick point, hoping to get my KOd guys back and set me up for a second pont opportunity. I had an opening that required a dodge and a GFI to win... The dodge worked but I splatted in the endzone!

On Wintervoid's turn he capitalized on my poor positioning (I was banking on a score) and pushed a Black Orc off the field and KOd another Ork! The Dark Elves picked up the ball and moved it about 5 squares down field. I had a shot at the ball carrier but got a Pushed result. Then my Troll tried to shore up my dwindling defense with a 2 die block, but rolled double skull (my third or fourth of the game).

To make matters worse, two elves ganged up on a Black Orc (one die block) and KO'd my 5th player! Everyone else on my team was knocked over on that same turn. I started my 16th turn with 6 players on the field, all prone. I didn't have a chance to stop the ball, so I passed my turn. Game ends 2-0, Dark Elves.

Post Game:

I felt like I had a good game, and honestly Wintervoid did to, but this could have been easily a 2-1 win for me. I can not think of any glaring mistakes, but my opponent didn't make any either. Its dice that did me in this game. The Coup de gras was the KOs... I got ZERO KOs or Injuries against the Dark Elves and they got 5 KOs on me?!?

I rolled well for winning being on the loosing side, but am still short 10k for a re-roll. It is hard not to buy 1-2 more players with what happened in tonight's game.

Next Up:

Back to Back games vs Amazons. They are currently leading the league, plus Lord Grimskull has played one less game--If he looses, I will still be in third place, but he will drop to second. No matter the outcome of his next game, it will not effect my game plan.

Amazons are the slowest team (besides me) and the weakest AV. My plan is to grab as many girls as I can while I march up the field!