Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nine is Devine

Games of Zorcon turns 9!

Nine years ago today, I started an online adventure. My humble beginnings were to simply share ideas and creations plus offer resources to my favorite games. But alas, it has been left adrift in the warp for the last 4 years while my attention has been on this blog. I had always intended of going back to the website, but after such a long "hiatus" I am now left with a feeling it is time to let it go.

Home Page
I will spend this next week mulling over what will be the fate of Games of Zorcon:

  • Simply keep it as is
  • Keep it and begin adding new material
  • Redesign it, making it easier to update
  • Fold the material in to this blog

There is a ton of stuff on this site! Here is a breakdown of the major categories...

Resources for my favorite games

The Gamography section is a depository of links, resources, images, product indexes, and (my) fan art. I became very prolific making wallpapers and virtual trading cards plus other fan art for the video game Bikini Karate Babes. I designed over 150 images!

A list of sites selling game accessories
Back in the day, I was obsessed with game accessories! I suppose I still am, but at the time, this was all that was out there (that I could find) that sold unique items. Most are still around!!

Image Library for Battle Planner
Probably the second largest resource project on the site is an extensive image library of the most popular miniature games. The images were to be used in Battle Planner--A collection manager and army builder. I have complete image galleries for almost 100 sets/expansions, spanning 7 different collectible miniature games, totaling thousands of images.

I still use Battle Planner to this day as it is a great resource for CMG (and CCG too)!

A living project cataloging D&D 3.x
The big daddy of projects was a project I dubbed the d20 Directory. This Excel file covered over 200 books, over 33,000 indexed rules, in over 21 categories such as: Race, Class, Spells, Weapons, Magic Items, Monsters, Locations, and many more.  I found this tool to be invaluable while running by D&D campaigns.

A similar project that predates the d20 Directory is my gaming magazine index. Its aim was to categorize and index articles. There are over 1000 entries to date. The periodicals that I started with were: White Dwarf, Dragon, and Inquest Gamer, among a few others.

More recently I began work on a another indexing project for the WH40K Roleplay system.

The beginnings of an image gallery
The rest of Games of Zorcon is a collection of images, mostly miniatures and fan art, focused on D&D and Iron Man. Overall I am very proud of the site and the material I created. But unfortunately the site eventually became too unwieldy to update and add material.

What do you think I should do?