Saturday, May 18, 2013

Retro Models - Khorne

I am starting (another) new series showcasing my vintage figures. These are from my Khorne army. All were purchased during WH40K 2ed era except for the unpainted Juggernaut which was a "more recent" eBay find. Some of them are painted, some are not. Of the painted ones, most have more than one coat of paint on them. One hurdle I have for painting full armies (besides continuously jumping to new projects) is repainting already painted figures to current standards. 

I can't tell you how many times I'd get 20 models into an army before going to something else. Then 5 years later when I get back to the project, my style and technique is improved. More often than not, I would repaint the 20 before working on other models...

Old Skool Juggernaughts

I never glued down the riders on these juggers, so they could pull double duty in 40K and FB. In fact two of them originally came with FB riders while the other two came with a 40K rider. Back in the day I mostly used them as steeds for commanders and heroes. But now, they are so much smaller than the modern juggernaut  I'm not sure. One thought is to use one as the steed for a Chaos Knight champion, but I also thought they would look cool pulling a chaos chariot! Maybe in a 40K army, they could be counts as bikers?

Repainted to be part of the same unit and brighter colors.
Another 4 Havocs

These eight Devastator, er Havocs are some of my ancient metal chaos marines. I used to indicate different squads by painting the backpacks differently.

L: Original Chaos Dreadnought; R: From Space Crusade 
L: One of my "newer" Chaos Marines; R The Original (?)
Some newer arms added to older models

Back in the day, I thought Terminators were pretty cool. I don't have as many of the chaos variety (you will see my ridiculous pile of Aquamarine Terminators in an upcoming post), but I do have one more so I can make two 8-man units like all good and obedient Khorne generals should field!

The inset in the upper right is to better show off the hand painted World Eaters symbol on about half of the termies.