Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blood Bowl League Batrep Day 4 - Necromantics vs Amazons

Another game completed in our Blood Bowl League. These two teams are currently leading the league--The Playoff slots are slipping away from me! The points are close, and anyone could make the post season, but only if there is an upset.

Here is Lord Grimskull's Batrep for his second game vs Laertes' Necromantics...


This was a game set for disaster from the start and I guess for everyone involved. To paint the picture, Laertes has been work'n hard to actually get our game together and it was all working out, but yesterday at 3 when we played the game it was anything but. Basically I've been spending the entire bit of last week trying to get my internet fixed after (while helping a buddy) I contracted a mighty virus. This thing by itself didn't do much, nothing my anti-virus couldn't take, but somehow someway... it managed to send our public IP from our router to what I assume is a remote server that could both monitor when I was online, but also hammer the ever loving blood out of our router. To the point that no matter what we did locally (at the time) could fix it. I was two reformats in and several attempts (including an IP change from the ISP) when Laertes and I played our first game. 

This thing was tragic, the lag and hiccups were so bad I couldn't reliably control my guys, including finishing setting up my line. It seemed to come and go in play-ability and I was ready to forfeit the match but Laertes urged me on to stick it out. To be fair it was a pretty exciting match if you could ignore the lag. Sadly however on turn 13 or 14 my net finally crapped out and DCed me with no hope of re-establishing a link to the game so we could finish. At that time we were 1-1 (like we were in the current game) but the ball was in Laertes's hands and he didn't have such terrible injuries.

So to fix our net we traded out the router and Bam, everything is fine. We'd been reading (though some wouldn't care to admit) that there was a chance that the somehow the router itself had been compromised and was the center of the problem. I don't know networking or anything like that well enough to comment, I'm just happy I can use my net and not be afraid that I'm going to loose everything.


The replacement game was today, still 1-1, but now Laertes had serious injuries. The honest truth though is the dice seemed to rule out player skill or tactic almost completely this game. I'm not afraid to admit I got out played, and at first out diced. A lot of Defender Down rolls put me at an 8v11 early in the first. Only through complete luck did I manage a blitz that also put the ball in my hands and it turned into a game of lock down. It seemed like at every move Laertes had a counter, and while I'm getting a little better of expecting ball movement, it was very little of what I was doing this game.

The second half didn't start off any better to be honest. He punched up a good kick off and drove it far right for me. looking at my setup I could either grab the ball with my catcher (surviving a dodge roll and the pickup) or a GFI with my thrower. I had a feeling in my bones that the dodge roll wouldn't make it, I hadn't been making many of them all game, so I went with the GFI and boom down. I'd already used my reroll earlier in the turn to stop an attacker down so I was Kapoot. Before I knew it Laertes was swarming, picked up the ball with a WW and was well on his way. I needed a very specific set of circumstances to happen to even try to stop it, which was to push a guy off a blitzer so she could blitz. Even then, she was only throwing 1 dice, sure I had a reroll but you know. I get a defender down, plus an injury on the WW and I pickup the ball... complete luck. It didn't take Laertes long to grab the ball off her again and I was stuck in yet another do-or-die situation, this time my only chance required a successful dodge roll, and before it even went off I called a fail (it did). That was the first touchdown and it was like turn 12 or 13.

At the start of the next round I count my players, 10, okay so I'm not doin too bad, glad I picked up that spare. but I've never been a 2 turn scoring type so this is going to be rough. I take my chances with a pass play and it works, get a linewoman deep and Laertes' only chance is to get his super ghoul next to her in a GFI, he fails and it breaks his collarbone. Holy cow super luck again. by the next set I think I'm back to 11 and he's down to 8? I don't remember right off hand. But we're so close to the end of the game he'll need to 2 turn it and gets unlucky with a blitz pretty much ending it in 1-1.

The gist of this game.... luck, no strategy just luck. It seemed like Laertes could throw Defender Downs all day long till it was clutch then it was all pushes, you'd have to see the first half to understand that. Then he gets both of the worst injuries this game completely by luck. I know it's the name of the game but yiesh. x_X