Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Orcleans Saints WIP

My son Deathbot has decided to play in the OBBL 2017 Super League Season 2 with me. He chose to play Orcs, and I have lent him one of my teams. I have 2 Orc teams--One with a Troll and 4 Goblins and the other without.

I enjoy naming teams in the style of Blood Bowl 2e--Puns of NFL teams. The team Deathbot will be playing is the New Orcleans Saints and is based off the New Orleans Saints.

This is the first time I tried zenith highlighting using 2 colors of primer--Krylon Fusion for Plastic Satin Khaki and Krylon Camouflage Ultra-Flat Sand. I used what I had on hand, although in hindsight the two colors were a little too close in tone.

The team is comprised of various 2e and 3e plastic figures and some 2e metal figures. The troll is a WHFB 3e Swamp Troll with the club removed. Most of the team has had a number plate added to the back.