Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ordo Bowl '17 Season 1 Round 3 (Game 1) AAR

[During my absence from the blog-o-sphere, I was still active on and off in the hobby. In February of this year, I joined a local gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, in order to participate in their Blood Bowl league. This BatRep was written for and emailed to my friends after each of those games. Periodically, I will re-post them to this blog. --Zorcon]

Introducing the Chaos Dwarf Team, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks. I have recently joined a local club and a Blood Bowl League. It has been a very long time since I have played games outside of my game group, and I am very excited to play my favorite game.

I played my first game tonight. I entered the league on round 3. My opponent had played a "friendly" game in addition to the first 2 rounds (they allow up to 4 pick up games each "season"--W/L results aren't factored into standings, but your earned XP, money, and injuries for/against are). So this game was my opponent's 4th game.

My opponent was Humans--Heavy on Catchers, light on Blitzers. I got 100k in inducements and picked up a re-roll. Since this is my first time with Chaos Dwarves, I wanted to look over some of the strategy guides, but I didn't get a chance to. So my plan was to play a slow, grinding game--Attempting to take 8 turns to prevent my opponent from scoring, then taking 8 turns to score in the second half. Aiming for a 1-0 victory.

The first 6 turns of the first half pretty much went exactly as planned. I managed to Blitz the ball carrier 3-4 times, but had no players close enough with AG3 to reach the ball, so we spent most of the first half gridlocked about 3-4 squares on his side of the pitch. However, by my turn 7, there were 2 of his players KOd, 3 in the injured box. The jumble of players finally opened up. I managed to get a Hobgoblin close enough to scoop up the ball and run down field into the widezone, getting 7 squares from the endzone. He had a narrow chance to blitz me with a 4+ dodge, 3+ dodge, 2 GFIs, and a 1 die block. I don't remember which roll he failed (second GFI?), but he didn't take me down. I scored on my turn 8 with a successful GFI.

On the second half, I received. He had 8 guys and I had 11. I caught the ball on a lucky bounce form the kick-off. Feeling like a could afford a risky play, I ran the ball carrier up to a hobgoblin on the LOS in a wide zone and handed it off. The second hobgoblin threw a Blitz with an assist, and ran 5 squares plus 2 GFIs down the side line. Then easily knocked all but one of the human players down. He did manage to break that player free and blitz my ball carrier (he was wide open) with 2 dodges and a GFI. I scooped up the ball on my next turn, and had plenty of defenders at that point to set up a decent cage. I scored 2 turns later on turn 3. We set up for me to kick off to the Humans. He only had 6 players and I had 10. He got a very lucky bounce and caught the ball on kick-off. He dropped 3 players back to look for an opening. But by his turn 6, I had sent 2 guys to KO box, and caused a total of 5 casualties (2x badly hurt, 2x serious injuries, and 1 death). I was definitely going to get the ball from him and score again. Plus, if my dice rolling kept up, I'd likely cause another injury or two. So he conceded on his turn 6.

I feel bad I decimated his team. Fortunately for the human coach, the league commissioner is letting him start over with a new team (he had a Blitzer killed in the game previous to mine so the team was in pretty bad shape). Its totally cool with me that he restarts. But if we knew that during the game, I would have encouraged him to play out the match. With a concede, I got the opponent's winnings, and both MVPs. I ended up getting an extra 60k and an extra skill. Plus he may have injured one of my players (he did manage to badly hurt one of my Bull Centaurs early in the second half).

What a great start! The league is structured to play 2 games every 3 weeks for a total of 6 games (or 8 if enough teams, which I don't know if there is). Since I started late, if I find an opponent for a pick up game, I can play a friendly game on my off weeks and get a game in every week through the end of the season. The winner of my league wins some sort of award/trophy and gets promoted to the advanced league. I had the opportunity to choose between the Super League (noobs and returning old timers) or the Premiership League (advanced players). I chose the Super League because I really had no sense of "how good" I am.

The Super League has 9 players: Undead, Lizardman x2, Orc, Human x2, Halfling, Skaven and my Chaos Dwarves. I am tied for 3rd place by points, but my team value (the tie breaker) puts me in 4th place after 1 game.