Friday, May 19, 2017

Tau Color Scheme Test 3

In a follow up to a [distant] previous post Tau Color Scheme Test 2, I have finally decided on a third color scheme for my "Scout" models/units. I had already painted a Sniper Drone unit in this color scheme as a secondary color to my original Tau color scheme (see second pic below).

In the end I decided not to repaint sniper drone unit and use it for all "light" units with scout/stealth/shroud. I think this 'Maroon' scheme fits nicely with the new stark White/Red/Black scheme of the rest of the Army.

Below is a WIP of a partial unit of Pathfinders that are pulling double duty as my Shadow War Kill team. Included are samples of the three main color schemes of my Tau army. The Pathfinders in the front row are sporting the same color scheme as the Sniper Drone Team.

In the second row are the Special Operatives available to the Tau Kill team. The Ethereal is magnetized for optional Hover Drone load out. The Pathfinder's drones are also magnetized for easier storage. The last row has previously painted figures for reference.

Following is an itemization of the new color scheme by model/unit for my entire army. There are now a total of 6 color schemes, although two of them are slight variations of the Standard Uniform. The color samples below are broken down into the following categories: Armor Plates/Trim/Under Armor/Markings. Colors are GW unless other wise specified.

Warlord Uniform
Black + White + Mephiston Red + Fenrisian Grey

HQ/Team Leader Uniform
Mephiston Red + White + Black + Fenrisian Grey

Standard Uniform
White + Mephiston Red + Black + The Fang
Cadre Fireblade
Crisis Battlesuit
Drone Sentry Team
Remote Sensor Tower
Heavy Gun Drone
Broadside Battlesuit

Light 'Stealth' Uniform
Black Red (VMC) + 50/50 Black/The Fang
+ 50/50 Burnt Umber (Craft)/Uniform Brown (Reaper)
+ 50/50 Faded Khaki (Reaper)/White
Sniper Drone Team

Armored 'Stealth' Uniform
The Fang + lack Red (VMC) + Black + Fenrisian Grey
Commander Shadowsun
Stealth Battleuit
GhostKeel Battleuit
Remora Drone Fighter

Auxiliary Uniform
Troll Slayer Orange + 50/50 Burnt Umber (Craft)/Uniform Brown (Reaper)
+ 50/50 Faded Khaki (Reaper)/White + Black Red (VMC)

Additionally, the common colors throughout the army are: Tech (Black), 'Orbs' (Hammered Copper (VGC) ), Lenses (Altdorf Guard Blue), and Missile Tips (Lemon Yellow (VMC) ).